The 14 best short hairstyles for 2019

Shorter hairstyles are becoming more and more popular with women, and you no longer need a particular face shape to suit one, since they come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, shorter hairstyles are more manageable; after all, there’s less hair to take care of. You won’t be as hot in the summer, and your hair will be less wild in the winter.

There are so many different styles of bobs these days – it’s not just a simple cut and blow-dry job anymore, it can be tailored to exactly what you want. Let’s take a look at some of the best short hairstyles for this year.

Grown-out pixie

Many women dream of the pixie cut but are too afraid to go the whole hog. Try out a slightly longer version to get used to the idea; it’s a stress-free hairstyle with loads of volume and possibilities.

Vintage cut

This beautiful vintage look will keep things classy and simple, framing your face in the cutest way.

Collarbone crop

Keeping things on the longer side, the collarbone crop is a gorgeous and manageable hairstyle. It encourages natural, beachy waves, and just looks downright awesome.

Side-swept bangs

There’s nothing more adorable than side-swept bangs. It’s the perfect way to add a fresh layer to your new look and, combined with the wavy lob, it’s the ideal way of changing things up.

Wavey bob

Well, we can’t all have naturally straight hair, but not everyone has naturally curly locks either. This wavy bob is everything you need! Just get some curl-enhancing mousse, and you’ll be rocking the wavy bob look in no time. This is a great way to look like you have a professional hairdresser doing all the work.

Round bob

This bob is short and sleek. If you don’t want any bother when it comes to styling your hair and you want to keep things simple, then this is the bob for you. Giving your hair a rounded, healthy cut will make finer hair look thicker; it’ll also add luster and shine. This style generally looks straight and curves inwards at the bottom. It’s a very sophisticated style.

Angled lob

This hairstyle is the best of both worlds; the angle is shorter at the back and longer at the bottom, much longer. It’s a statement look and offers the simplicity of a short hairdo and the face framing style of a longer one.

Pixie cut

This timeless cut is not for the fainthearted but will make a statement. The popular 2019 style is to have shorter sides and a fair bit longer on the top of the head, making it simple but effective.

Shoulder-length curls

If your hair is naturally curly, then why hide it? Getting a cute shoulder-length bob keeps your style natural and healthy, enhancing your hair’s natural texture. It’s a great way of adding some volume to those locks, making them stand out even more.

Textured, piecey lob

You don’t always need to say goodbye to all that glorious hair – instead, opt for the grown-out bob style. This isn’t technically a bob, it’s a lob, which means it’s longer. You can add layers for volume and see the health and shine return to your gorgeous tresses. This length allows for a few more styling options too.

Asymmetrical textured bob

Always tucking one side of your hair behind your ears? Problem solved. The asymmetrical bob keeps your face-framing side longer and the ear-tucking side shorter. This is a fabulous style and is an excellent option for those craving a shorter look without going the whole hog.

Curly Bangs

Why flat iron everything? Curls are beautiful, and we’re all about enhancing natural beauty. Cutting in some curly bangs will give you the cute face-framing style you’ve been waiting for.

French bob

If you want to be a bit more chic and fashionable, then the French bob is for you. Cutting in that short bob but framing your face with even shorter bangs gives a super stylish look.

Blunt cut

This style has an apparent blunt edge where the hair has been cut the same length all the way around the head. It’s not supposed to be a sleek look, but more messy, with a few kinks along the way. This is a trendy style for those who want to add volume to their locks. It’s easy to style and looks effortless!

With so many great short hairstyles to choose from, the hard part will be making a decision which one to go for.