4 Meghan-inspired wardrobe essentials all women need

Meghan Markle made quite the smooth transition from everyday Hollywood celebrity to the British royal family. Each day, her fashion style is one thing that shows the world that she’s clearly made up for the elegant, sophisticated lifestyle that’s preserved for royalty. The good thing about what Markle wears is that even without the royal bank stash in your pocket, you can totally remake her outfits and look as chic as ever.

Over the time that she has been Duchess of Sussex, the former American actress has also shown that she doesn’t mind repeating some of her favorite wardrobe pieces. Goes to show that to look good, all you need are the right essentials and everything else will fall right into place. So, without further ado, let’s look at 4 Meghan-inspired wardrobe essentials all women need:

4 Meghan-inspired wardrobe essentials all women need

A Trench Coat

It’s impossible to talk about Markle’s wardrobe choices without mentioning her ever useful trench coat. She has pulled off outfits that include her beige coat that it’s clear it’s one of her favorites. A trench coat is timeless. It will never, never go out of style. It’s classic too, and Markle clearly knows that. She has worn it wide open with her white or colored dresses, or completely wrapped up. She has several shades, of course. With a trench coat in your closet, there’s little you cannot wear it with. Whether it’s a pantsuit, your work dress, or with your casual jeans outfit. Put simply, you can never go wrong with it.

Pant Suit

If you thought her status as a female member of the royalty would have Markle confined to traditional dress outfits, think again. Time and again, she has looked as feminine and powerful as ever in well pressed black and dark blue pantsuits. Her blazers are always fitting, her shoes and bag of choice on point. And of course, they come in exciting, modern designs and cuts that take the word ‘boring’ out of the perception about suits. Get a couple of pantsuits in different colors, cuts and fittings for your wardrobe and you’ll never run out of stylish formal wear.

4 Meghan-inspired wardrobe essentials all women need


Yes, the Duchess of Sussex embraces the versatility of pumps, which she wears will all kinds of outfits. She wears her pairs with her dresses, skirt suits, pant suits…just about everything. This goes to show you just how convenient the right pair of pumps can be. Most times, you’ll find her in nude or black pumps, which can literally go with any outfit color scheme. Pumps are the kinds of shoes you can wear anywhere. Whether official or casual, they’ll always look stylish.

Shift Dress

One of the things that makes Markle’s style so relatable is that it’s quite simple, yet undeniably sophisticated. She likes wearing shift dresses to public engagements, and she doesn’t try too hard. With a simple, parted pull back hairstyle, a pair of pumps and perhaps a clutch in hand, she shows that you don’t have to lay on the accessories to look good. If you’re into comfy dresses, then you cannot miss this in your closet.
With all these 4 essentials in your wardrobe, then you’re all set to rock, throughout the day and night.