Best makeup brands for those on a budget

Most of us have seen them. That’s right; we’re talking about the makeup and beauty gurus that seem to have convinced us that we need the most expensive brands to bring our look to life. However, there are plenty of options for those of us that don’t want to spend a fortune thanks to the best makeup brands for those on a budget.

NYX Cosmetics

Nyx Cosmetics can be a great place to start for anyone looking for a luxury makeup brand on a budget. However, all that diversity teamed with the number of products on the market mean that most people never want to stray too far from Nyx once they’ve had a taste.

Best makeup brands for those on a budget

BH Cosmetics

These eyeshadow palettes have grown to become some of the most popular in the world thanks to their lasting colors and affordable prices. But that’s not all. BH Cosmetics have also teamed up with a host of our favorite influencers over the years who have all helped to put their own spin on the collections. It looks as though gurus from around the world can’t get enough of these products.

L.A. Girl

If $3 concealer doesn’t scream “makeup brands on a budget,” then we’re not sure what does anymore. Thankfully, it appears as though L.A. Girl has us covered. The brand had everything from face makeup to nail polishes and just about everything in between. Plus, L.A. Girl comes complete with an affordable set of brushes to complete the look.

Black Radiance

Many brands claim to include all skin tones in their ranges, but few have been able to pull it off. That is until now. Black Radiance is aimed at all types of skin tones as they have a line of products to suit just about every shade. As if that wasn’t enough, Black Radiance even has a range of lip colors to finish off our looks with ease.


It’s not just the price tag that had many of us falling for these products – they look so beautiful that Milani items can be tough to resist! The products are known for their luxurious feel without the hefty price tag attached while their two in one products can save us even more money in the long run. To top it off, their blush is some of the most popular on the market.

Best makeup brands for those on a budget


E.L.F. is a brand that has fooled many professionals over the years thanks to its impressive selection of products on the market. The items in their range always look as though they have been designed to last and not get caught up in the hype of the moment. Their sophisticated style means they are popular for many while the lower price tag makes them more available to the masses.

Doing our makeup doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially after learning about the best makeup brands for those on a budget. It looks as though we really can beat our face and afford it too. Whoever would have guessed?