Lifestyle rules that French women swear by

French women are gloriously notorious for their ability to look glamorous without making much effort. A trait that’s enviable by the rest of us who have to spend hours in front of the mirror every week before we decide we’re presentable enough to go out. These French ladies are confident, alluring and as mysterious as the last one, like it’s an inborn quality that they don’t have to work for. As it turns out, the secret to their chic way of life is not all that complex. The one reason they look and live so effortless is because well, they don’t try too hard. See some pointers towards the lifestyle rules that they swear by, and see what you could possibly incorporate into your life if only to adapt a bit of the French glamour into your life.

Lifestyle rules that French women swear by

They’re religious with their skin care routines

You can’t get the glowing skin you want if you just sit and wait for it to come to you. No matter how blessed you are with a smooth non-pimpled natural skin, the environment around us is full of pollutants that wreck havoc on our skins. This causes premature aging, and French women are aware of this. That’s why they regularly exfoliate their skins, use sunscreen and keep their skins moisturized daily. By frequently practicing these skin care routines, their skins look healthy and they do not need to slather on coats upon coats of make up to look gorgeous.

They drink lots of water

French women are aware that good skin is, well, skin deep. To get smooth and flawless skin, you have to care for it internally just like you do externally. Drinking at least two liters of water each day is your quickest and simplest ticket to healthy skin. When your body is adequately hydrated, waste removal from your skin is fast and effective, while nutrients that replenish it are also easily transported there.

With French women, less is more

You’ve probably heard of the ‘no makeup makeup’. That’s the look you’ll see on French women. For those who use makeup, but when you look at them you see a natural look. They use their makeup to complement their features, not change how they look. This also extends to their way of life, where they take things in stride and don’t try too hard to make things happen. This way, they rarely get stressed out,

Lifestyle rules that French women swear by

They don’t usually snack

Snacking may be a totally normal and frequent thing to do where you come from, but it does not happen all that often with French women. It’s generally not a big part of French culture. They prefer full course meals that are well balanced and when they do snack, it’s usually a piece of fresh fruit. Ditching your favorite fries and burger may just be your first step towards living the French way.

They stay active

French women stay active, and that’s one way that they achieve their fit physiques. This is not a hard thing to try in your life, you can start by deciding to walk when you’re running errands nearby and forgo using a car. This will not only reward you with better physical health, but also a freshness of mind. That way, you’ll remain relaxed enough, just like the French women.