Nail polish colors you need for this summer

Ah, the sun is shining and we feel like a little makeover is in store. If you want a way to embrace the warmer weather then look no further; we’ve got the nail polish colors you need for this summer to make sure your nails are as bright as the sunshine – or can at least brighten up the duller days.

Nail polish colors you need for this summer

Citrus yellow

Some yellows can look dull or out of place, but using a citrus yellow can help to zing up your outfit from the word “go.” This shade can help to add a little pop of color with a small addition from your nails without going over the top.


Not all of us want bright colors on our nails, and that’s perfect! Sand shades look great on our feet as we feel the real stuff squish between our toes. Sometimes, blending in can help is to sand out on the beach.

Coral pink

Coral colors have grown to become a major trend throughout 2019, and it doesn’t seem as though they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. The best bit? Now you can wear all the fun of pink and orange in one simple shade.


Many of us can’t wait to head to the beach in the summer. If this is the case, then it might be time to take a little inspiration from the water. These polishes are usually packed with pigment for a lasting finish all season long.

Metallic pink

What better way to make a statement than by letting the sun hit your nails only to bring a whole new life to your nail polish? Pink has been a summer trend for years, but adding some metallic spark to the polish helps to add a whole new dimension.

Nail polish colors you need for this summer

Burnt orange

One of the best things about summer is the incredible sunsets. All of those colors can bring the sky to life, so why not add some of them to your nails, too? The best bit is the color will last all day and night while still looking fabulous.


This is a new trend to hit the beauty market, but one that we’re sure will last for years to come. Pearl nail polishes work by transforming our nails into a host of different shades. Those silvers, blues, and pinks all work together with this distinctive summer look.


It’s not pink – it’s salmon! And there’s a good reason for the change: salmon colors look perfect on all kinds of skin tones. The best bit is that many of the shades come with little flecks of glitter to make it look as though the shimmer of their scales is alive on our nails.

Denim blue

Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean that we have to opt for overly bright colors. Denim blue means that we can still enjoy a polished look without adding too much color to our look.


If you’re feeling fearless, then it could be time to invest in some white nail polish, it goes with every outfit, shows off our tan, and can be worn all day and night. Could we ask for any more?

The warmer weather and sunshine can see many of us wanting to add a little extra color to our look. The best nail colors you need for this summer will not only brighten our outfit, but they will also make sure that we keep up with the latest season’s trends, too. Perfect.