The ultimate beauty travel kit

Whether you’re traveling to New York for work or being whisked away to San Francisco on a romantic weekend break, you’re going to want to look your best, but it’s not always possible to cart your entire beauty kit with you. You don’t want to have to pay for checked luggage just so that you can pull off the perfect, dewy, barely-there makeup look! Here are some essentials for the ultimate beauty travel kit.

A portable eye palette

Do you find yourself with so many huge palettes that you only really use a few shades from? This is especially annoying if you need a few colors from each palette to create a look and don’t want to have to take all of them with you. There are a few ways around this issue: firstly, you could find a compact ‘look’ palette – one that has around 5-6 shadows in that will create a full look. Secondly, you could create a palette using individual pans and a magnetic case to hold them.


Mini mascara

One thing you don’t need a full-size version of is mascara. How often do you actually manage to use an entire tube of mascara anyway? So many brands, from Benefit to Too Faced, offer travel-sized mascaras, which will leave you some precious room in your makeup case.

Cheek/lip tint

Products with more than one use are going to be vital for making the most of your limited space, and a tint that works on your lips and cheeks is a fantastic example of this. This will give a gorgeous rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks and a subtle pigment to your lips too with one product.

Highlight/Contour stick

Although you might have a full highlight-contour routine when you’re at home, time and space are of the essence here, so a stick (or small palette) that offers a basic shading and brightening product will be ideal. A stick is also useful as it’s easy to apply and can be used under the brows and down the sides of the nose in one quick swipe.

Sun protection

This is the most important thing you will have in your beauty kit – if your skin is damaged by the sun, it doesn’t matter what else you put on it. This is thinking short- and long-term! Make sure you have a high SPF and regularly apply it to your face and body.

Micellar wipes

Micellar water is magic when it comes to removing makeup and dirt, but having to take a big bottle, plus cotton pads, will take up space that could be used in a better way. Wipes are a bit more space-saving (and you won’t have to worry about a bottle leaking!) and easy to pop in the bag.


Dry shampoo

Again, you’re not going to want to cart around a full-sized dry shampoo, but have a look for a mini can, or even a powder alternative, like Lush’s ‘No Drought’, which is a small bottle of loose powder that goes a long way.

This is the perfect balance between portability and convenience and being able to achieve a whole host of looks. Once you’ve mastered this and you have your bag ready to go, you’ll have the perfect excuse to book a trip just to test it out!