Ways to beat the heat this summer

Although we love it when the sun starts to shine and the temperature begins to heat up, summer can also be pretty exhausting. It seems as though it’s constantly hot, it seems as though the humidity is constantly through the roof, and it just seems as though it’s impossible to cool down. Of course, we have to take the bad with the good, and we appreciate summer for all of its glory – but we’d like to be a little colder sometimes. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to cool down during this hot season, as these are the best ways to beat the heat this summer.

Ways to beat the heat this summer

Give yourself a spritz

When the temperatures start to rise, we’d always suggest that you should pop a spray bottle of water in the refrigerator. That’s because temperature control is extremely important during these months, as you can very easily overheat. When it seems as though you can find no respite from the heat and the warm breeze, simply grab this bottle and spritz yourself with the cool water. As the water evaporates on your skin, this should help to cool you down.

Use AC and a fan

Although it may seem like you are using a lot of electricity, running your AC unit and a fan at the same time is a life saver. Yes, did you know that they both serve different functions when the heat starts to rise? The air conditioning actually helps to remove all traces of moisture and humidity from the air around you, while the fan actually helps to move the heat of the air away from you, and helps to evaporate the sweat from your body. When you keep them running at the same time, they will not help your body cool down, but it will also help you feel much cooler.

Make use of a sun blocker

If you’ve ever lived somewhere where the sun just doesn’t let out, then you may have used a sun blocker before. This method is pretty simple and involves a bed sheet and some water. Try to make your sheet as damp as possible, and then hang them up by an open window. This should help to keep the temperature in your room as cool and as damp as possible, rather than hot and dry. Hopefully, this should allow you to get a good night’s sleep if the summer nights are making you restless.

Ways to beat the heat this summer

Spice up your life

It may seem counterintuitive, but eating spicy foods when the temperature starts to rise can be one of the best ways to cool down your own body temperature. That’s because chili peppers, in particular, contain a certain compound that allows you to sweat more. The purpose of sweat is to cool you down and regulate your body temperature, and this is exactly what you want when it gets a little too hot to handle. Of course, only do this if you’re a fan of spice.

The heat and rising temperatures may get you down this summer, but don’t let the heat become too much for you. It’s easy to beat the heat if you know how, and it doesn’t require any specific materials or any kind of special equipment. All you need is knowledge and a willingness to cool down!