Ways you can have your own spa day at home and save hundreds

And breathe. Doesn’t that feel good? It might have been a long week at work or that meeting you’ve been dreading. Whatever the case, we can often feel as though we need a trip to the spa to rejuvenate and relax. Although that might seem like a good idea, this can usually cost a small fortune. Thankfully, there are ways you can have your own spa day at home and save hundreds.

Get steaming

Steaming doesn’t have to mean sitting in a towel in a room full of strangers. All you need to do is pour boiling water into a bowl and place your face over the steam before covering your head with a towel. You can even add tea tree oil to the water for a rejuvenating option.

Ways you can have your own spa day at home and save hundreds

Apply a face mask

Once your face is fully streamed, it’s time to apply a face mask. There are many options on the market designed for all skin types. However, there are also several recipes that mean we can make our own mixture at home to save even more costs.

Use massage rollers

Of course, one of the benefits of heading to a spa is taking advantage of all the wonderful massage treatments on offer. Have no fear; there are many wooden back, head, and hand massagers that we can use on ourselves or someone else to recreate that relaxing feeling.

Soak those feet

Whether you’re on your feet all day or seem to spend your life with your feet in uncomfortable shoes, the chances are they will be grateful of a foot soak every now and then. All you need is some warm water, Epsom salts, peppermint oil, and a bowl big enough for your feet to get you started.

Hop in the tub

If all else fails, it could be time to step into a warm bath. This is a great way to relieve any sore and aching muscles as you see the hours melt away. Adding in bubble baths or bath salts can also have various effects depending on the variety. Grab a good book or some relaxing music, and you might soon find yourself drifting into bliss.

Sip the good stuff

Spa water doesn’t have to stay at the spa. In fact, you can easily create your own detoxifying drink to add that extra addition to your relaxing day. Strawberries and mint make a delicious combination while infusing slices of lemon with your water can be a refreshing twist.

Ways you can have your own spa day at home and save hundreds

Practice some yoga

You don’t need to be a yoga expert to practice yoga at home. In fact, there are several online videos that guide you through the moves as you twist and bend into all kinds of shapes as a way to relieve all that stress from the week. Ah…

Did someone say “relax”? Yes, it appears as though we can create our very own spa environment at home without ever having to worry about spending hundreds at the spa. It could be about time to kick back and relax after all.