Should you work with your friends?

When you’re younger, you can’t imagine ever having to spend more than a few hours away from your friends. As soon as you leave school, you’re on the phone to them and counting down the hours until you can be with them again. As you get older, you might consider working with your friend. After all, it was fine at school, right? However, things are definitely a lot different when you grow up. These are the pros and cons to working with your friends.

Should you work with your friends?

The pros

You know each other inside out

If you’re planning on working with your BFF, then you do have an advantage in the fact you know everything about each other. You know what makes them tick, what they’re good at, and what they might need help with. This can make life so much easier when working together, as you don’t need to learn everything about a stranger.

It can be good fun

You probably already know how much fun it is, spending time with your friends, so it only makes sense that you’d have the same fun at work! However, it’s important to remember that the working world is very different from school life. You can’t play around all day at work – not without annoying your boss, anyway!

You get to spend lots of time together

As you get older, it becomes more and more difficult to make time for socializing. Luckily, if you work with your friends, then you get to combat that issue! You’ll be spending lots of time together and you don’t need to sync your calendars to find a day that you can actually see each other.

Should you work with your friends?

The cons

Too much of a good thing

Sometimes, working with your friends can seem like too much of a good thing. You might feel as though you can’t get a break from them or are seeing them too much. This is when they could start getting on your nerves, even if you’ve never argued before in your friendship. Be warned that things can turn sour!

When things go wrong (or right)

What happens if you get the promotion your friend has had their eye on for ages? Or what about if one of your loses their job? Working with friends can be really difficult if one of you is progressing faster than the other – or ends up getting the chop. Just hope your friendship is strong enough to ride the waves at work.

Remember it’s a job

It can be hard, moving from school life to adult life, which is why working with friends sounds like such a good idea. However, if the boss knows that you’re friends outside of work then expect them to keep a closer eye on you. This isn’t like school where you’ll just get a telling off, you could end up losing your job if you put your friendship before work.

So, should you work with friends?

The answer is definitely a tricky one, as it depends on how closely you’ll be working together. In some cases, it might be worth setting some ground rules when you start to work together. Understand that seeing each other that often may cause some conflicts, and work out how you want to be able to get over those if they arise. Strong friendships can certainly stand up to work issues, but it’s definitely a test.