Best fashion moments on Gossip Girl

Welcome back, Upper East Siders. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for most of your life, there’s a high chance that you have binge-watched Gossip Girl more times than you can count. Although we’re still upset that this show came to an end, we can rest easy knowing that the lives of Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, and the rest of the elite will be forever immortalized within our television screens. Of course, we’re never forget about these amazing characters, but more than anything, we will never forget about these amazing fashion moments.

Blair and Serena’s photoshoot

Was there anything more iconic than when Blair and Serena took to the streets of New York and posed in some of the most beautiful designs from Waldorf Designs? We think not. Although Eleanor wasn’t too pleased with the pair of them, it’s fair to say that they completely rocked these dresses. Simple and chic, they showcased everything that we imagine the elite of the Upper East Side to wear on a regular basis. It was a little different from Serena’s usual style, but of course it still looked fabulous on her.

the Best Fashion moments on Gossip Girl

Blair’s wedding dress

Although Blair’s first wedding dress was quite literally fit for a princess, there’s no doubt about the fact that her second one was even more magical. You know, the one where she got married while the police were out searching for her and Chuck. That dress. The gown was both understated and over the top at the same time, and the cinched in waist couples with the floral decoration and jewels was just too much to handle. Of course, Blair couldn’t get married without a headband atop her luscious locks.

Serena’s maid of honor dress

Not many people can pull off a lemon-yellow gown that’s complete with ruffles and a black sash, but Serena isn’t like anyone else we know. This bohemian goddess made a name for herself for wearing short skirts and dresses and layers that showed off her trademark blonde hair, but her maid of honor dress was certainly a little different. If you would have explained the dress to us, we probably would have immediately turned our noses up. However, Serena seems to rock the whole look, and looks absolutely stunning on her mother’s wedding day.

All of their school uniforms

Let’s be honest; we kinda wish we went to Constance Billard School for Girls just so we could check out their amazing school uniforms in person. While it was clear to see that the school had a fairly strict dress code, Serena, Blair, and Little J definitely didn’t abide by these rules – Little J especially. While Blair took on a more sophisticated look with her uniform, Serena opted for something more casual and boho (but still effortlessly stunning), and then Jenny came along and smashed everyone else out of the water. With her own designs and her own spin on the uniform, she definitely won the competition for us.

the Best Fashion moments on Gossip Girl

You probably don’t need another reason to re-watch Gossip Girl, but when you do watch the whole thing from start to finish again, why not focus on the fashion? Considering you already know what happens, you can spend the next few weeks of your life getting some serious style inspo and realizing that the costume department did an excellent job on the whole production.