BTS: Who exactly are they and how did they become so successful?

They have taken the world by storm and don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Since 2013, BTS have been making records and breaking records everywhere they go. They are without a doubt, the most successful K-Pop (Korean pop) group to ever emerge. But who exactly are they and how did they rise to superstardom so quickly? Keep reading to find out more about this incredible boy band journey.

BTS: Who exactly are they and how did they become so successful?

Who are BTS?

From the streets of South Korea come these seven very talented young men: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, and V. They were brought together from all over South Korea in a series of auditions to find the perfect matches for the group. Since their beginning in 2013, the group has released six studio albums and many vibrant music videos to accompany them. The group’s rise to stardom was quick and the first of its kind. The Korean music scene has been trying to break through to Western society for years with limited success. Among other records, BTS have broken the records for most Twitter engagements, longest consecutive weeks by a K-pop album on the Billboard World Albums Chart, and the most viewed video in a 24 hour period to debut on the Top 100 Chart. So how have they done it?

The key to BTS success

There is no single answer to this. Their success comes in the form of four channels that have combined to form just the right conditions for this kind of craze to sweep the country.

The music

Let’s be honest, if the music wasn’t any good, this group would never have made it to the big time. The group is making music that people want to hear. It’s upbeat, catchy, the lyrics are great, and each song has a positive message. Of course people want to listen to something that makes them feel good. The members of BTS play a role in writing their own music and lyrics but also bring in other producers and artists to make sure that each song is something spectacular.

The performance

Music videos and live performances have been a great tool for this group and it’s where they have pulled many of their loyal fans from. Smooth choreography combined with the member’s talented dance skills and passion have given the group an edge over other groups. It’s been said that they can practice up to 15 hours a day to prepare for a live performance. Talk about dedication! Their music videos are vivid, well made, and leave the viewer with a positive feeling. It’s no wonder then that their videos break records online.

BTS: Who exactly are they and how did they become so successful?

The internet

Ah, yes, the internet is a very powerful thing. The group’s online presence and following is enormous. They feel lucky to have been born at the right time citing online platforms as a major key to their success. The group members have been given a lot of freedom to interact and connect with their fans on a personal level.

The fans

Their fan base is massive and have become known as the ARMY. With 29 million followers online, it’s safe to say that BTS is here to stay. It was the ARMY’s 300 million online votes that ensured their win at the Billboard Awards.