The best ethical fashion brands today

Buying responsibly is now easier than ever before. You can now shop with purpose as many clothing brands are rapidly embracing ethical practices and sustainable production to get their clothing items on sale. Several fashion labels are now following the right path regarding fair trade practices, sustainable materials, and cruelty-free production methodologies.

Consciously-designed clothing brands influence how we shop and leave us feeling great about the things that we buy. If you are planning to ditch your Forever 21 clothing as soon as possible, this is the time. The following are the best ethical fashion brands so you can feel great about looking great.


Anekdot is a leading ethical lingerie company based in Berlin, Germany. It is an upcycled fashion company that manufactures garments from pre-consumer waste materials, production leftovers, used fabric, and trimmings. Each garment is limited in edition since the clothing firm strictly produces on a very small scale. Also, all clothing styles are vintage-inspired yet modern and body positive, with countless options in strappy lace. The Anekdot brand equally produces lustrous and simple swimwear, but it is presently exclusive to two-piece options.

2.People Tree

People Tree is another ethical fashion brand that has been producing sustainably for the last 26 years and counting. Having been sustainable for the last two and a half decades, the brand qualifies to be one of the pioneers in ethical fashion. They source most of their Fair Trade products from marginalized groups of producers in the developing world. The brand uses purely natural resources throughout production in a bid to heighten environmentally-responsible initiatives for a sustainable future.


All their ethically-made and reasonably-priced basics come with a twist, such as box-cut tees in stunning hues and a little flair in an A-line dress. All their clothing items are simple to dress up or dress down, and the brand sells both women and men’s apparel in addition women’s shoes. Women’s shows include Day Heels, which are the comfiest pumps worth the investment.

4.Nudie Jeans

Swedish company Nudie is popularly known in the US and around the world. As a garment company that produces raw denim jeans. The brand manufactures 100% organic cotton jeans that last forever. And if they don’t, the company is ready to chip in and repair for you at no cost. Nudie Jeans can also help recycle your old jeans into new ones for a 20% discount off your next purchase. The brand also earns points for maintaining a public code of conduct and publicly disclosing its line of suppliers.

5.Kinds of Indigo

Kings of Indigo is a Netherlands-based ethical lingerie brand that produces great jeans and contemporary fashion for both women and men. Like Nudie Jeans, this brand is equally transparent when it comes to publishing a production map, disclosing supply chain, and regularly visiting its factories.

The brand makes use of 90% organic cotton material to manufacture its denim, along with a fabric that blends organic cotton, hemp, and recycled cotton. Kings of Indigo uses distressing and dyeing techniques to minimize water consumption throughout the production process.