The best styles for pregnant women

There’s a misconception that being pregnant automatically means losing all sense of style. Other women decide to use their pregnancy as an excuse to not put any effort in what they wear, disregarding their usual nicely put together outfits for tasteless maternity clothes. Also, there’s an association of pregnancy clothes with lack of style. These are however all misconceptions. Comfort is essential during pregnancy, but this does not mean that you automatically end up wearing shapeless dresses.

The maternity fashion industry has fortunately made it possible for expecting mothers to remain stylish and rock appealing outfits throughout the nine months. It continues to grow, providing endless options to allow you to keep looking as fashionable as ever for the duration of the pregnancy. All you have to do is look for designs that you love, your favorite colors, something that you’re comfortable walking around in and you’re all set. Some of the best styles for pregnant women include:

One piece kaftan dress

Many expecting mothers tend to lean towards outfits that are not figure hugging, which is understandable. However, extremely loose and billowy dresses may do away with any sense of style you ever had. A one piece kaftan dress is the perfect outfit to balance it out. It’s not figure hugging, but it’s cinched at the waist, giving it an ideal shape. This also keeps it from being billowy and like it’s all over the place.

Bohemian dress

Flowing and breathable clothes are perfect for expecting mothers, and bohemian dressing offers this. Given that the Bohemian trend is a current favorite, there are endless styles to choose from. You can find all kinds of chic dresses in your favorite colors, and in whatever size you want.

Shorts paired with a long top

Most moms-to-be avoid shorts for many reasons. However, maternity brands have picked up on this and are now producing shorts that are not only comfortable, but also safe to wear during pregnancy. You can get a pair of specially made pregnancy shorts which are stretchable. For the ultimate choice look that’s appropriate for pregnancy, pair them up with a hip length top.

Strapless maxi dress

With this option, you no longer have an excuse to not dress up when you have to go out somewhere. A strapless maxi dress will be comfortable, stylish and look effortless when you have to go out for a party or other fancy function.

Pencil skirt and a turtle neck top

Dresses tend to take center stage during pregnancy, wedging skirts out. It’s, however, quite possible to rock a well-fitting skirt and remain comfortable. If you pair it up with a fancy looking turtleneck, you’ll keep on looking like the style-conscious woman you have been all along. You can also wear your usual fitted tops, then spruce up the outfit with a pair of cute flat shoes, a couple accessories and a high hair-do.

With these stylish options, it’s absolutely possible to remain fashionable and chic throughout your pregnancy.