Chic color combinations for clothes

Rocking multiple colors with outfits is a bold move that results in vibrant and chic looks, but only few people have been able to make this part of their wardrobe routine. Many people shy away from dressing up in colors because they’re afraid they’ll look more absurd than cool. That’s a legit fear, given if you don’t really know what you’re doing, your outfit might look like a haphazard splashing of colors and literally burn the eyes.

Chic color combinations for clothes

This fear and the uncertainty is what leaves many people filling their closets with blacks, whites and greys. These three shades not only go really well together, but also never go wrong, so it’s a pretty safe look. However, if you’re looking to rock a stylish outfit, the black grey white comfort zone is one that you have to step out of. Following a few simple basic guidelines, it’s possible to pull off a multi colored outfit without looking like you just stepped out of a circus.

One important secret to pulling of the perfect color combination is contrasting your items of clothing. Dark top, light bottom and light accessories makes for a great look, as will a light bottom, dark bottoms and light accessories. Next, you have to make sure that the color palette you chose compliments your skin tone. Rocking colorful outfits takes time and attention to master, and that’s part of the reason why so many people would rather not go for colorful options. However, once you’ve learned the basics and decide which colors look good on you, matching the right colors becomes second nature.

Below we’ll look at chic color combinations for clothes that will have you looking vibrant and all bright. Another upside to colorful outfits is that they even lift your mood, so don’t be afraid to take the risk!

Orange, Cloud Grey and Peach

Orange is a great color to break the monotony of your safe greys with. It brings just the right pop of color, breathing a leash of life to an otherwise bland and plain outfit. The orange doesn’t even have to take up much space. It could be just the collar, or cuffs. Peach completes this combination by being a good choice for accessories such as bags and shoes. A peach bottom also works great.

Yellow, Blue and Lilac

Yellow and blue can never go wrong together, and lilac is just the perfect light shade to go with these two primary colors. An example of an outfit is a yellow flare dress worn with a baby blue coat and a lilac bag or shoes. This look is not only bright but also soft and does not glare.

Chic color combinations for clothes

3. Peach, Arctic Blue and Black

A peach bottom with a dark shade topped with an arctic blue which is light and soft looking makes for a flawless chic combination. Black accessories put the right solid edge to such an outfit. A great place to start when you finally decide to get colorful with your outfits is with colors that naturally look great together, like red, blue and yellow. From there you can get more daring and with it, more chic and sophisticated.