How to dress up your favorite sneakers

With ever changing trends in fashion and style, sneakers have easily taken the place of that accessory that fits into almost any style. Having been made available in all colors, materials and styles, you’d be hard pressed to find an outfit that a pair of sneakers can’t pair up with well. Even better, when outfitted correctly you can wear them to any occasion. There was a time that the rubber soled kicks were the preserve of marathoners and other athletes, but that has changed over time and the gym isn’t even on the minds of most people who go shopping for sneakers nowadays. They’re chic, highly presentable and appropriate, working with both formal and casual looks.

Sneakers come in various styles including high-tops, low-tops and slip ons. Different styles go with different outfits, and that’s what you need to know to make the most out of the shoe’s versatility. Matching your favorite sneakers properly is what will make them seem appropriate in any setting. Below are ideas on how to dress up your favorite sneakers and effectively pull off a seamless outfit.

1. Pair up with a mini dress.

Simple yet fashionable, a short dress looks great when paired with complementing sneakers. For a monochromatic dress, you can choose matching sneakers or colored ones for a pop of color into the outfit.

How to dress up your favorite sneakers

2. Wear them with cut-off jeans.

Cut-off denims are a great outfit for a summer day or a fun outing, and they look perfect with a pair of sneakers. Sneakers add onto the casual look while maintaining comfort and a cool vibe. A simple t-shirt can complete this outfit.

3. Jeans, shirt, jacket and sneakers.

This is a look that anyone can pull and get away with. Both age-less and timeless, it never gets old. It’s both casual and also appropriate for most work places that allow jeans and denims.

4. Top them off with a sweatshirt and a pair of leggings.

You couldn’t possibly get any comfier than this. Whether you want to stay at home or keep the cold away while you run your errands, this outfit will never look out of place. This is a super trendy look that allows you to play with colors and match them up for a fun look.

5. Wear colored sneakers with a plain outfit.

As an accessory, a pair of sneakers is an easy yet great way of introducing color into an otherwise bland outfit. Available in all sorts of colors, you can match up your colored sneakers with your plain white, black or any other monochromatic outfit.

6. With a slip dress.

A simple slip dress looks great with just a pair of sneakers. This is a simple outfit to pull off quickly when you’re running out of time.

7. With mid-length pencil dresses and skirts.

Sneakers happen to be a great option for when you decide to wear longer skirts that do not completely cover your legs.

How to dress up your favorite sneakers

8. Wear with jeans…and cuff them.

Sneakers always go well with a pair of jeans trousers. They look better with tight-fitting jeans when the lower hem is folded to expose the ankles.