Fashion tips for warmer seasons

Keeping as cool as possible is easily the biggest concern when spring comes and paves way for summer. Gloves and ear muffs make way for sunglasses and sandals. There’s always so much to do and accomplish during the summer, but the hot sun can present a big challenge. After all, no one really wants to run around sweating all over the place and feeling as if their skin is on fire. You also can’t spend all your time dipping in cool pools, so you have to think of ways to get out in the sun without being completely miserable.

Fashion has an answer to everything, and it has lots of options for the warmer seasons. Look at the fashion tips for warmer seasons below before you give up on style and the outdoors.

Fashion tips for warmer seasons

Wear loose clothes

Imagine having your clothes sticking to your body with sweat on a hot day. It doesn’t sound very pleasant, and that’s why you should stick with loose clothes that do not cling to your body during the summer. They’ll be more comfortable, and they allow you to feel the cool breezes.

Avoid embellished garments

Clothes with many embellishments will be weighed down and eventually get into contact with your skin. Avoid them as they will have the same results as tight clothes which end up plastered on you with sweat.

Put away the socks

The secret to keeping cool is avoiding layers close to your skin as much as possible, so socks are an article that you need to lose for a while. Your sneakers and loafers will still look very stylish with your ankles exposed, so go ahead and give your feet a break.

Stick to natural fabrics

Natural fabrics such as linen, wool and cotton are way more breathable than man-made fabrics such as polyester. This means that they’re absorbent, so they will be able to absorb sweat quickly and keep you dry. Their breathability also enhances air circulation, keeping your skin cool.

Arm yourself with sunglasses

It’s very important to keep your eyes protected against excess sunlight. Sunglasses help with this, so they are an accessory that you cannot afford to go without during summer.

Fashion tips for warmer seasons

Go for light colors

Dark colors absorb light, so it’s impossible to stay cool when your clothes are dark. They’ll keep you hot, and that’s why they’re recommended during winter. When summer comes knocking, it’s time to go for brightly colored clothes. These ones with reflect light, keeping away as much heat as possible.

Cover up as much skin as possible

This might sound a little contradicting, especially since the idea of summer brings up thoughts of wearing as little clothing as possible. On the contrary, flowy, loose garments will work more in your favour than tight shorts and tops. Wearing flowy skirts and tops with loose sleeves will keep your skin from having direct contact with the hot sun. This is not only good for your skin health, but in the moment it keeps you from getting too hot. Make sure that these skin covering garments are made of light and natural fabrics, and are loose too for maximum comfort and coolness.