Why high fashion is going street

Fashion is always cyclical. Something that was in years ago will come into fashion once again eventually. The other thing to remember about the world of fashion is that it is changing all the time, and you need to prepare for this so that you can take advantage. High street fashion is one of the sectors that is constantly growing in influence and popularity, and it is so important that we keep an eye on what is happening on the high street.

High street fashion often reflects the modern zeitgeist, and we are seeing this happen right now, as modern high street fashion embraces the streets once more. The global rise in streetwear has taken America by storm, and a lot of fashion labels and designers are wary of being left behind. Let’s look a little closer at this growing trend, and try to understand its importance and evolution.

Photo: Unsplash.com

What is streetwear?

Streetwear is a fairly broad term, but, in a fashion sense, it applies to any form of fashion that is synonymous with the streets and urban life. This is generally popularized by a casual look that focuses on things like hoodies, baggy t-shirts, bold logos, and a large dollop of both hip hop and skateboarding cultures. Fun, energy, creativity, community, and diversity are all some of the focal points that streetwear embodies. This is an exciting change in the world of fashion, and one that could well be here to stay.

Rising up, back on the street

Streetwear has always taken on an identity of its own in the United States, but these days it’s going mainstream. The rise of youth fashion and the interest of Millennials in the world of quirky and unique fashion choices has perhaps had something to do with this. It’s clear that young people have a growing interest in fashion; indeed, in many ways, they define and determine the direction fashion tends to take. And streetwear is most definitely for young people.

Celebrity influence

Of course, this hasn’t stopped celebrities and designers getting involved, with even Carine Roitfeld, outspoken former Vogue Paris editor, embracing the trend. The growing street fashion industry has been buoyed in no small part by celebrities like Kanye West dipping their toes (or, as always, in Kanye’s case, diving headfirst) into the world of street fashion design. This has led to much more exposure for streetwear, and a growing market for consumers to choose from.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Social media

Another factor that has played a massive role in helping boost and improve the growth of streetwear is social media. There’s no question that social media is one of the most powerful things on the planet, and its widespread influence should not be taken lightly. With Instagrammers, YouTube influencers, and the iconic hashtag all playing a role in taking streetwear global, we are seeing trend after trend here. This is something we shouldn’t expect to see slowing down any time soon, and maybe it’s time we got involved.

As you can see, the fashion world is one that is changing all the time, and this allows for great opportunities for unique and unusual fashion. Streetwear is a little different to what we might normally be used to in the fashion world, but it could be just the breath of fresh air the industry needs. We’re excited to see where streetwear is going to take the fashion industry next!