The reasons why denim will always be in style

There are plenty of fashion items out there that have enjoyed plenty of time in the limelight due to their timeless features. Pieces such as the crop top might be relatively simple, but it’s the kind of article that’s renewed continuously and fashioned for the present, making it one of the few pieces to enjoy timelessness in fashion. The same thing can be said about the white dress shirt, where its simplicity elevates the elegance of the material.

Among the pantheon of timeless fashion pieces, there isn’t anything quite like denim. It often feels like no matter how much progress fashion makes through the years; there will always be room for a simple pair of denim jeans. Here are just a few reasons why denim will still be in style no matter the era!

The reasons why denim will always be in style

It’s constantly reinvented

It feels like no matter the decade; denim always finds a way to remain relevant in the often fickle world of fashion. Perhaps it has to do with practicality, or maybe people can’t get enough of its one-of-a-kind texture and color. Either way, denim is not the kind of fashion item to be left in the dust. Fashion designers continually look back to vintage denim items for inspiration, looking to craft their spin on a timeless icon.

The result is that denim clothing continues to impress in fashion circles all around the world. It’s unlikely that fashion influencers will be able to let go of denim entirely, which ensures that it will continually be reinvented as the years go by!

The practicality of denim

When you think of denim, you will likely always picture it in the iconic blue color, even if denim comes in all types of colors nowadays. When it was first introduced, denim was given a blue dye simply because it was the cheapest dye available. Aside from being affordable, it also ended up being quite practical, as the color and material made it easy to hide stains.

As if that wasn’t enough, denim is one of the few materials that tend to improve in fashion quality, the more it gets worn down. It’s the main reason you see so many denim jeans that have cuts and rips in certain places as part of its design. It’s the kind of fashion item that continues to be relevant the more damage it receives!

The reasons why denim will always be in style

Denim as a fashion icon

The reason why denim is considered to be a fashion icon is due to the number of celebrities that have ended up popularizing denim over the years. One of the earliest stars is the near-mythical James Dean, who made denim jeans famous in the movie, Rebel Without a Cause – which succeeded in turning denim into a symbol of rebellious youth back in the 1950s. From Jane Birkin to Cindy Crawford, it seems like every celebrity at one point rocked denim, which further cemented the material as one of the most influential fashion items in the world.

While it can sometimes be mind-boggling how popular denim tends to be compared to many other fashion trends, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why it will never go out of style. Whether you’re rocking denim jeans or your favorite denim jacket, rest assured that it’ll always remain popular.