Winter essentials that you shouldn’t leave the house without

The moment winter rolls around, keeping warm becomes the first thing on everyone’s mind. No one wants the freezing cold to put their lives in a gridlock, so being able to still move around without freezing up is extremely important. Unfortunately, curling up under your duvet and hibernating for the rest of the season isn’t an option, as much as it sounds like heaven. Whether it’s snowing or not, you have to get out there, so what you have to do is stay prepared. Below is a list of winter essentials that you shouldn’t leave the house with.

1. A Jacket

A jacket should be the topmost layer of whatever clothing you have on if you want to survive the cold outside. Being the item that will protect your inner outfit, pay close attention to its makeup materials and design. You certainly don’t want something that will get damp and allow the cold to seep into your outfit, leaving you cold and feeling like you’re wearing tonnes of clothes. A good jacket should be waterproof on the outside, and insulated on the inside. Down jackets, or padded ones are ideal for the winter as they keep in the winter. It could be long, short, have a hoodie. Just make sure it keeps you warm.

Winter essentials that you shouldn’t leave the house without

2. A Hat

No matter how much you cover up your body, if you leave your head exposed, you’ll still feel the full wrath of the cold. Lined warm hats like beanies are a must have for the winter. They’re even better if they have extended flaps to cover up the ears, yet another sensitive area in the cold. Or you can go for the ones that cover your entire head sans the face area.

3. A Scarf

A scarf paired with a hat protects the face, neck and face from windchill. A warm, heavy scarf wrapped around the neck and preferably the lower part of the face keeps your head sufficiently warm.

4. Woolen Gloves

Warm, comfy gloves are a must if you don’t want your fingers freezing off and going numb a few minutes after stepping out of the house. Frozen fingers aren’t good for much, so don’t forget your gloves. If they’re lined and insulated, the better.

5. Warm Socks

Your everyday gym socks just won’t cut it. You need a pair that will generate enough heat in your shoes. Woolen, acrylic or polyester socks are a good choice. A pair of thermal socks is even better. With their insulation, your feet will be warm and comfy all day long.

Winter essentials that you shouldn’t leave the house without

6. Walking Boots

It’s winter, so you can expect snow on the sidewalks, or at the very least very wet weather. So, open shoes that leave your feet exposed and high heels need to take a back seat and pave the way for walking boots. The longer the boots the better, they add an extra layer of warmth after your pants. Let them be a size larger than your foot size to allow you to wear your two pairs of heavy socks and still remain comfortable. If they’re lined, or you get some thermal insoles to shove in, all the better.
Armed with all these items, you’ll hardly feel the cold bite!