Spice up your hot chocolate with these ideas

Hot chocolate is that one thing that everyone thinks about when the cold strikes. No matter how many shawls, warm fuzzy socks and hats you bury yourself in, it’s never really done without a cup of hot chocolate. Even a roaring fire cannot work in the magical ways a hot cup of chocolate can.

While a simple cup of hot chocolate, perhaps accompanied by marshmallows is enough to give you a dose of warmth to power you through, there’s a lot more exciting options out there. Not other different beverages, but a dozen other ways of preparing your hot chocolate that will leave you with a much delicious cup. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t require a lot of effort or time. And the ingredients that you get to pop into your usual pot of chocolate are every day spices that are probably lying in your cupboard or refrigerator.

Spice up your hot chocolate with these ideas

Explore different flavors with your chocolate while you chase the cold by spicing it up in these ways :

1. Mix it up with peanut butter.

Apparently, peanut butter should not just be limited to bread. A teaspoonful stirred into your hot chocolate brings along a creamy flavor that takes your cup to another level. Make sure to stir until it melts completely. You can add it into the chocolate while cooking.

2. Add a scoop of ice cream.

This probably sounds a bit contradicting, given ice cream is the exact opposite of a hot cup of chocolate. Cold. However, it gives your chocolate a thick and creamy taste like nothing else. Add it to your cup of hot chocolate, but do not boil it in the pan.

3. Drop in some Orange zest.

For a delicious citrus flavor, steep three 2′ strips of orange peel into your pot of chocolate.

4. Maple syrup also does the trick.

Other than pancakes and waffles, maple syrup can make a difference in your chocolate with its unique taste. A little squirt of the syrup is enough to do the trick.

5. Stir in some caramel sauce.

Another way to give your regular cup of hot chocolate a creamy and rich texture and a fresh flavor is by spooning in a tablespoonful of caramel sauce.

Spice up your hot chocolate with these ideas

6. Switch up ordinary milk for coconut milk.

Instead of using your usual packet of fresh milk to make your chocolate, use coconut milk and infuse a sweet tropical taste to your beverage.

7. Add in some ginger.

With its strong and slightly bitter taste, ginger introduces a sharp taste that is flavorful to your cup of chocolate.

8. A couple drops of peppermint.

Add fresh mint into your chocolate during preparation and add a taste of coolness to your warm cup.

9. Spoon in some cinnamon.

A teaspoonful of cinnamon in your cup will also spice up your hot chocolate.

With all the above options and many more ways to spice up your hot chocolate, your cold days and evenings get even more snuggly.