10 minutes of meditation a day can improve your life

The stresses and anxieties of modern-day life can be utterly exhausting. Even on our days off, we can often spend our free time worrying about, well, sometimes nothing.

The daily challenges we face can feel like huge unachievable mountains to climb, and as much as we try our hardest to eat well, exercise regularly, and generally maintain a healthy lifestyle, our stresses can still come crawling back to overwhelm us.

If this is the case for you, then there’s one thing you should seriously consider trying – mediation.

Photo: BURST

You’ll feel far less stressed

The number one benefit is a decrease in your stress levels. Meditating provides you with a bit of well-needed ‘you time’. It’s an opportunity for you to mentally rest – even if it is just for 10 short minutes. Scientific research suggests that meditation positively affects your central nervous system by reducing the amount of cortisol running through your blood. So through this period of deep, rich ‘down time’, your body’s heart-rate and blood-pressure will drop, making you feel far more physically relaxed.

Your concentration levels will improve

There are also scientific studies that suggest your concentration levels will significantly increase, too. Meditating is a time and place for you to focus on your internal energy, allowing you to become more aware of your inner sense of being and surroundings. It’s essential you use this opportunity to de-clutter your mind and get rid of any distractions preventing you from thinking rationally and logically.

Your physical health may improve too

There’s plenty of evidence that suggests meditation prevents harmful stress levels negatively damaging the health of your cardiovascular system. Stress itself greatly increases your blood pressure and risk of developing heart disease, so any form of activity that decreases your stress levels will then have a positive impact on the health of your heart and the general physical functions of your body.

Photo: BURST

You’ll feel happier

Focussing your energy into something mindful like meditation can alter the way you view yourself and the world around you. With decreased anxiety levels, your whole entire outlook on life can become far more positive. You will have an increased sense of self-acceptance and self-awareness, which will greatly contribute to your overall well-being.

You’ll feel enthusiastic again

With meditation making you feel good and relaxed on the inside, your whole life can be looked at through a far more optimistic lens. As you start to feel happier, your focus will have an encouraging and positive knock-on effect on other aspects of your life too. You’ll be more enthusiastic to better your other lifestyle habits and behaviors such as eating well, working out, and generally adopting healthy practices. As a stress-reliever, you won’t feel as tempted to smoke, drink, or indulge in junk food as much.

It’s time to put an end to the harmful risks you put your body through. Finding a spot in your home every day to meditate could be the way forward. Meditation is often thought of as a pointless, useless, ineffective fad that only spiritual people should be practicing, but if you give it a try and stick to your guns for at least a week, you’re pretty much guaranteed to notice its positive benefits on your state of mind. If it’s time to connect with your personal inner being again, then meditation is a fantastic gateway to do so.