Why everyone should try to cut down on meat consumption

The environmental challenges on the world have been intensifying in recent years, putting the it at high risk of ruin. Many environmental conservation groups have come together to try and make a change and try to avoid the worst consequences. For these efforts to bear big fruits however, each one of us must ask themselves what individual contribution they can make towards positive climate change.

We all have a part to play in saving the world, no matter how small. Other than the common practices of planting trees, using water sparingly and disposing of garbage accordingly, new scientific research has indicated that adapting a plant-based diet could be an important step towards saving the planet.

Why everyone should try to cut down on meat consumption

The current food system has huge negative impacts on the environment, raging from deforestation, carbon emissions from livestock, pollution through excess fertilizer use and depleting of freshwater sources. With the world’s population expected to hit 10 billion by 2050, there must be a big shift in food production and consumption otherwise these negative impacts will increase doubly. Switching to a plant-based diet is the most effective way to do this. This means less meat consumption and eating more of vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts. In fact, if everyone was to reduce their meat consumption to one day per week, the positive effect would be massive, with the emission of greenhouse gases reduced by half.

Here are more reasons why everyone should try to cut down on meat consumption:

Reverses heart disease

Ditching all that red meat is not just going to be good for the planet, but also for your health. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. High consumption of meat is a risk factor, and when patients switch to a plant-based diet, the disease’s progress halts.

Helps maintain healthy weight

Having meat, especially red meat, as part of your daily meals puts you on the fast track towards obesity. A plant-based diet on the other hand helps you maintain healthy body weight while providing all the necessary nutrients. This helps you gain a high level of physical fitness, as evidenced by the many athletes who swear by vegetarian diets, such as Bart Yasso and Rich Roll.

Saves money

Fruits legumes, nuts and other vegan and vegetarian meals are way less expensive than meat and animal products. You’ll be eating healthy, getting all the minerals and nutrients required for great health while spending reasonable money for it.

Why everyone should try to cut down on meat consumption

Stops animal cruelty

A lot of livestock and poultry are cruelly treated in the process of producing meat for consumption. A lot of these are even grown on factory farms, where their sole purpose is slaughter. If you’re concerned about animal rights, cutting down on your meat consumption could be your active way of helping put an end to the cruel treatment of animals.

The greatest minds in history recommended it

Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Shaw and Gandhi were all very influential and important figures in world history. Another thing that they had in common was the belief that adapting a plant-based diet was the smart way to go. Who dare argue?

You can start your meatless journey with small steps. Just keep in mind that your contribution, no matter how small it may seem, matters a lot and will help save the world for a better tomorrow.