Great ways to organize your bedroom

Our bedroom. This is the place that many of us spend most of our time – or at least wish that we could. Although we usually use this room more than most others in the house, it can be easy to see it get a little cluttered around the edges. Thankfully, these great ways to organize your bedroom should soon put an end to the chaos.

Cleanse and color code

As tough as it might seem, it could be time to cleanse your closet. Many of us hold onto all kinds of clothes that we don’t wear when they could be put to better use by donating them to a charity shop or thrift store. Once you have the clothes left that you wear, color-coding them can make it easier to keep track of what you own and could encourage you to wear more of your wardrobe.


Organize your shoes

This can be tough. After all, many of us own a whole selection of shoes. Sometimes, storage racks are an excellent option for those with plenty of pairs. If you have the room, then storing them under your bed could also make use of the space. As for all of those tall boots? Hangers with grips mean you can store them alongside your clothes and out the way.

Invest in rollaway boxes

These are great for anyone with room under the bed and nothing to put there. Rollaway boxes mean that you can store things out of sight without them looking like an unorganized mess. This can be great if you have limited closet space as you can swap out your winter and summer wardrobes with ease, or if you have lots of books or other items that you don’t need all the time.

Maximize wall space

Just because you don’t have room in your cupboards doesn’t mean there is no room left in the bedroom. In fact, you could have plenty of space on the walls that’s just waiting to be used. Everything from bookshelves to a decorative shelf for your jewelry stand and photos can look great on the wall – and keep things out of the way.

Think about hooks

A simple hook that slides over the door could be all you need to keep a lot of things out of the way. Coats and purses no longer have to be pushed to the corner of the room, and that winter scarf you need every day now has a home all year long. The best bit? These hooks can also be great for wet towels while you’re getting ready for the day but haven’t had a chance to head back to the bathroom.


Store extra blankets

The cold winter nights can see many of us reaching for an extra blanket or two. Plus, there’s no harm in some decorative pillows, right? If these are things that have kept your room cluttered for so long, then have no fear. A simple wicker basket looks chic and acts as a brilliant storage solution for all of those additions while you are tucked up in bed.

Our bedrooms are often our safe space to enjoy for ourselves. Having a cluttered room can soon leave our minds feeling a little scattered. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to get your things back on track and you bedroom organization under control.