Live a simpler life with these tips from Marie Kondo

Japanese declutterer, Marie Kondo, has made herself a household name with her popular Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Her tips for decluttering can also be applied to everyday life. The process of decluttering your home, or even a room, is a form of therapy and you will find the worries and stresses from the day dropping away as you follow some of her tips.

Live a simpler life with these tips from Marie Kondo

Tip 1: Spark Joy

As you gaze around your room, take a look at everything that is in it. Will you ever read that stack of books in the corner? Or will you wear those three shirts with holes in them from ten years ago? Before you start throwing these things out or making a pile of things to donate, place everything in the room in a giant pile in the middle of the floor. As you are touching each object, ask yourself this very important question, “Does this spark joy?” If the item does not bring you any joy, then you have your answer. It is time to let that item go to someone who it will spark joy for.

Tip 2: Categorization

You might think that going room by room is the most effective way to organize your remaining items, but according to Marie Kondo, you actually want to categorize everything. The idea is that objects that are the same should stick together. This means that all of your books should be kept on the same shelf, or at the very least in the same room. Everything will have a designated space then, which will create a sense of harmony and balance.

Tip 3: Respect

You respect yourself, and Marie wants you to respect your objects as well. You know that chair you have in the corner of your room, where you toss all of your clothes after a long day? The clothes that are piled on top of it, are not being respected according to Kondo’s practices. These items should be treasured, which means that any clothing or shoes that are haphazardly thrown around should be folded and put away. This also falls into categorization, as clothing should all be kept in one place.

Live a simpler life with these tips from Marie Kondo

Tip 4: Loose Papers

For some of us, we have a tendency to collect receipts, and other bits and pieces of paper. These can add up, and begin to flutter around your living room or kitchen. Marie thinks that paper or hard copies are a thing of the past, and with the move towards digital records there is no reason to actually keep these. So, ditch the paper in favor of electronic copies for important documents. This will also make finding certain pieces of information a lot more efficient, as all it will take is the click of a button to get what you need.

Tip 5: Folding Techniques

Her last tip for decluttering involves the folding and storage of clothing and linens. Each piece of clothing should be folded unless it has to be hung up to avoid wrinkling. They can then be rolled and stood in an upright position. This upright storage technique actually increases storage space and makes it easier to find what you need in a drawer.

Your home will become a space that welcomes you each day, and the lack of clutter will make you feel nice and calm.