American things you didn’t know were popular abroad

Most Americans don’t know this, but the culture is slowly filtering through to just about every corner of the world. This is great for those who love to travel. Meeting someone from another country who shares some similar interests is a great way to hit it off and make friends. While we know that most of American movies, series, and music make it abroad every year, there are some pretty arbitrary things that other cultures have totally accepted that are 100 percent genuine American.


When American architect Alfred Mosher Butts created the game in 1938, he could never have known its true potential and just how far it could go. The highly competitive game is played almost all over the world with some of its biggest followings in Africa. In the West African country of Senegal, scrabble is played in schools to assist children with language skills and improve their cognitive thinking. The reigning scrabble world champion isn’t even American but from New Zealand.

American things you didn’t know were popular abroad

Krispy Kreme

Did someone say doughnuts? Yes, we did, and Krispy Kreme now has mouths watering all over the planet. In 26 countries to be exact. With their unbeatable recipes and tasty innovations, it’s just good business sense to take the brand global. An Australian store in Perth holds the world record for most Krispy Kreme sales in one day when they opened their doors for the first time in 2014. The store sold a whopping 73,200 doughnuts!


Straight out of Minnesota, the Hormel Foods Corporation was the first company to place pork in a can in 1937. The cans of Spam were an instant success and quickly gained traction in many countries from their use during World War II. One country that fell totally in love with the meaty innovation, is South Korea. They are the largest consumers of Spam outside of the U.S. They revere the tasty tinned meat so much that it is beautifully wrapped and given to loved ones as gifts for special occasions.

The Simpsons

The all-American animated family is beloved by countries throughout the world. Created by Matt Groening, The Simpson first aired in its own spot on FOX in 1989. The show was an instant hit and is still going strong. It holds the record for being the longest-running American series. The show is watched in over 70 countries with its largest fan bases outside of the U.S being Argentina, The UK, and China.

American things you didn’t know were popular abroad

Conan O’Brien

This one might seem a little odd. Loads of celebrities are famous all over the world, what makes Conan O’Brien any different? Well, his fan base in Finland is the answer. O’Brien gained superstardom in Finland in 2006 during the build-up to U.S elections. It was noticed that O’Brien and Tarja Halonen, the then incumbent president of the country shared some similar-looking characteristics. He traveled to Finland to meet with Halonen and was received by hundreds of fans and banners likening O’Brien to being the king of Finland.

This influx of American popular culture to other continents doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Some experts think that the world will eventually be completely Americanised. We aren’t so sure about that, just look around at how many items the American population has incorporated from other cultures.