The highest quality camera phones of 2019

For the camera photographers out there, choosing the phone with the best camera takes some careful consideration. The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of operating system you want, either the Apple OS, or an Android. Once you have decided this, your options will either expand drastically, or you will know what you want right away. Here are the best camera phones that came out this year.

Huawei P30 Pro

Coming out on top is Huawei’s P30 Pro. This smartphone is capable of taking some truly amazing photos whether it is night or day. The multiple cameras on this phone, both on the back, and the front for some stellar selfies take better shots than any of the other phones on this list. This is due to two very special features. The first, is the zoom capabilities. You are able to zoom in on faraway objects, and the stabilizer will make the image clear. Most of the zoom options on phones leave you with a blurry and distorted image, but not this one. The second feature is the ability to take photos at night. You can capture a starry sky with a wide-angle lens, as the ISO feature allows your camera to make use of all the light in the frame, even if it is minimal.

The highest quality camera phones of 2019

Google Pixel 3

Another contender for the best camera phone of the year is Google’s Pixel 3. It is a close second, but the battery does not last as long as other phones of the same size. This means that you will need to carry a power bank with you, should you plan on spending long periods of time away from any electrical sockets. The image quality is just as good as Huawei’s P30, and the Pixel’s Night Sight feature will allow you to take some spectacular night shots as well.

iPhone XS

For the Apple lovers out there, this one will be a simple decision. You already know what OS you like to use, and the latest iPhones definitely have some nice cameras built-in. Apple decided to introduce a feature called Smart HDR, which essentially brings photography to the next level with the help of the processing system within the phone itself. The idea here is that phones are beginning to process what is happening in an image, and then deciding what the best angle, composition, and moment of capture is. That means that each ‘photo’ you take, is actually a series of four shots, which are then combined together to create the perfect image.

The highest quality camera phones of 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Last but not least, Samsung’s latest Galaxy device has also made it on the list. Their latest camera lens offers a wide-angle shot with a 16-megapixel quality photo. To put that in perspective, this is the kind of picture quality some older DSLR cameras have. This is not a feature that the other three camera phones on this list have. If that wide-angle lens is not enough to tempt you, then you may want to consider the fact that the back of the phone has two additional camera lenses, along with two selfie-mode lenses on the front of the phone. That’s five cameras for you to get the perfect shot with.

Now, all you need to do is decide how important night shots, wide-angle shots, and operating systems are when you choose your next phone.