What is improv and how it can help you develop essential skills

Life can throw some pretty big and bulky curveballs our way sometimes, and improv is a fantastic way to ensure we are prepared to dodge them like a pro. If you tend to find public speaking particularly nerve-racking, suffer from unnecessarily low self-esteem, or perhaps just a lot of the time you feel unprepared to take on unexpected challenges, then improv could be the answer for you.

But what is improv?

Improv is a type of performing arts that requires you to enter a state of improvisation without pre-planning. It’s a spur of the moment form of performance, pushing you to act spontaneously that comes creatively from the sudden impulses of the mind, body and spirit. This means no script and no set scenes. It’s all down to your own judgment.

Now you know what it is, here are five reasons why it could do you, your confidence, and your chances of future successes the world of wonders!

What is improv and how it can help you develop essential skills

Conquer your fears

Let’s be real, the fear of public speaking is something most of us suffer from, and there’s no better way of conquering a fear than tackling it head-on. When social anxiety hits, it can consume your whole body and mind, but improv takes you out of your comfort zone and trains you how to relax and deal with psychological stress when in front of your peers.

Failure is not an option

Rule number one in an improv class…there are no wrong answers! Improv is a liberating experience, screwing up the rulebook of success and failure. Instead, it teaches you to be present in the moment and trust your instincts. No pressure! No seriously, there is absolutely no pressure.

Keep saying yes

Even if you make it to one improv class and never go again…you still gave it a try and said yes! Saying yes to things you usually wouldn’t is a life-changing philosophy to go by, opening up doors for you to step through that you never thought possible or even knew existed. Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen?

What is improv and how it can help you develop essential skills

No over-thinking

Improv gives you no time to think twice. It’ll teach you how to think on your feet and use parts of your intellect and creativity that you didn’t even know you had. Life nowadays feeds our tendency to overthink, but improv takes you back to the present moment and tells you to take action before you even have the chance to contemplate whether it’s right or wrong.

It’s so much fun

If you’re the type who enjoys being silly, then improv is definitely for you! It’s a group workout for the mind where anything goes, giving you all the freedom in the world to express your personal creativity, your inner comedian, and your individual artistry. Improv classes are a supportive community, so there’s never any reason to feel nervous or insecure. Just let go! Remember – you’re all in the same boat.

Whether it’s an amateur theatre group or a professional skill-building workshop, taking part in an improv group can help you develop essential skills professionally, personally, and emotionally. If having fun, meeting new people, and being uninhibitedly theatrical sounds like a bit of you, then go along to your local group. It could entirely change your life!