How to know the difference between a good friend and a toxic one

It might seem as though all of your friends are always there for you. However, it looks as though there might be some dangers lurking in the water. In fact, it might be time to know the difference between a good friend and a toxic one if we want to keep our relationships healthy.

Do they support you?

One of the best things about having a close friend is they are there for you no matter what – or are they? Many of us have someone to turn to when times are tough, but having a toxic friend means they might be missing in action when you need them the most. If you find your friend only calls when they want to hang out or when they need you then you might be in a toxic friendship. However, if they are they are only ever a phone call away, then the chances are you found yourself a keeper.

How to know the difference between a good friend and a toxic one

Do they enjoy your achievements?

Whether it’s that promotion at work, finally hitting your target weight, or buying a new car, these can all be times that we want to celebrate with our friends. After all, we’re usually feeling pretty good and want to spread the happiness with our nearest and dearest. This can be an excellent time to watch our friends. Do they want to be there to support you or are they making comments suggesting they are jealous? It’s your time to shine – not to be brought down by those around you.

Do you feel happy?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is: do you feel happy after a conversation with your friend? These are the people that are supposed to give us some of the best memories of our lives. If you walk away with a smile on your face and can’t wait to spend more time together, then the chances are you have nothing to worry about. Life is all about surrounding yourself with the people that bring out the best in you and leave you feeling as though you’re on cloud nine.

How to know the difference between a good friend and a toxic one

Do they debate with you?

One of the best ways to learn about the world is to talk to others around you and learn their opinions on life as we know it. Many hours can be lost to a debate as we try and defend the things we love – or learn another view that we may have never considered before. However, there is a difference between debating and fighting – and it’s important. Some friend will cause conflict if you have a different opinion on their views and aren’t willing to listen to your ideas. These are the ones that might now be best to avoid.

Life can be a funny thing. We often meet many people over the years, and sometimes our brains can’t help but want to spend time with some more than others. However, it’s important to remember that we need to surround ourselves with good friends and not toxic ones.