Living alone or with roommates, which is better?

Taking those necessary steps to finally leave the nest is no small task. There are some pretty important decisions to factor in when it comes to living on our own. One of these is whether or not you should live alone or with roommates. There isn’t a clear cut right or wrong answer to this, it all depends on each individual. All of us are different, with different personalities and different needs. There are pros and cons to each style of living, and knowing what these are will help for smooth decision making.

Living alone or with roommates, which is better?

Good reasons to have a roommate


We are all well aware that our dollars don’t go as far as they used to. Having a roommate or two can be a massive cash saver on rent, utilities, and groceries. Cooking for one uses about the same amount of power as cooking for two or more, and the same goes for the cost of groceries.


Ever gone away for the weekend and struggled to find someone to look after the plants or feed the pets? That’s a problem of the past with a good roommate. Not only can they look after the place, chores are also so much easier when they are split in half. Living alone means all the cooking, cleaning, and washing falls onto you alone. Roommates can have a schedule of who does what and can rotate the chores and cooking so it’s fair all around.


Humans are social beings by nature. While some of us thrive in being alone, most of us don’t. Coming home to an empty apartment can be a depressing feeling for some people. Having a roommate means there is someone there to talk to at the end of the day, someone to share a meal with, or even just to watch a movie and chill out for a bit. Even if the roommates aren’t the best of friends, having another person moving around the space brings a sense of wellbeing.

Living alone or with roommates, which is better?

Good reasons to live alone


Without a doubt, privacy can become a problem when living with a roommate. Two lives living so closely together are bound to get a bit tangled sometimes. Having a romantic interest coming over to visit can mean a three-person lounge date, or that the other roommate needs to be confined to their bedroom for the evening. Sharing a bathroom also means sharing some very intimate details of your personal hygiene.


We have all heard horror stories about roommates, and although the real horrors are far and few between, they are still a reality that could happen and should be considered in the decision making. One party not paying the rent can spell disaster for the other’s pocket. Having a roommate that doesn’t care about cleanliness leaves the other doing all the chores. Living like this for any amount of time will only breed frustration and resentment. Ultimately, a nasty breakup is usually the result.

Having a roommate is all about finding the right person or people to live with. It can take some time to interview people and find the right one. Personalities and living styles need to click well, but above all, all parties need to respect each other and pull their weight financially and physically.