National Days that you should be celebrating with your friends

National days are a great excuse to get together with friends, growing up you’ll likely have seen your family celebrate them or other people in your neighborhood. They’re a pretty big deal, but sometimes you don’t get to experience in their full glory until you’re old enough to party. Of course, this means that one of the few perks of getting older is that you can choose to celebrate these national days with your friends, making them a whole different experience. So, which national days should you be celebrating with your friends?

St. Patrick’s Day

While St. Patrick’s Day is actually an Irish holiday, many Americans like to use this as an opportunity to get together and have a load of fun. It can be as wild as you want to make it, whether you choose to dress down or go full leprechaun on everyone. While St Patrick’s Day has religious origins, it couldn’t be further from that in the modern world. Typically, people choose to celebrate it as a way of celebrating the Irish and their stereotypes, such as dressing in green, donning orange wigs and trying, and failing, to have a convincing Irish accent. This is a super fun, guilt-free holiday that should most definitely be celebrated with friends. It’s not an official American national holiday, but it doesn’t stop the fierce public from their yearly tradition.


New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day! You’ve seen How I Met Your Mother? Basically, in between leaving home and making your own family, you should pretty much spend every New Year’s Day with your friends, it’s basically an unwritten law. There are so many parties all over the place, and there is no excuse as there is always somewhere to go. You don’t have to go for the wild ride either, and if you prefer the quiet night in, you can still share it with your friends. Just grab a movie, some blankets and watch an amazing film before going outside and watching some fireworks.

Bacon Day (Saturday before Labor Day)

Last but not least, who couldn’t spend Bacon Day with friends? It’s basically in the title that this day should be shared with people. Get together and rejoice in this day by feasting upon the best bacon your money can buy.

Independence Day

Don your best red, white and blue outfit you have and find every single friend you have to celebrate the fourth of July. This is a holiday you can certainly get together with your friends and have a blast; perhaps you could all have a BBQ together, it might not turn out as great as your mom’s, but at least you gave it a go? With fireworks, music an beverages, what could go wrong? No doubt, if you don’t want to throw something personally, then there will be plenty of events you can all tag along to. It’s certainly one for the list.

There are some events where we choose to be with family, and because it’s the done thing if that’s what you do, but there are some events that should definitely be shared with friends.