How to have the perfect picnic date

Sometimes it can be tough deciding what you want to do for your next date. Maybe you have already been to the movies more than you should have, or perhaps a few too many evening meals. Either way, it’s nice to change it up a bit every now and then, especially when it comes to making the most of some great weather. A great way to do this is to go on a picnic date; they’re fun, yummy, and downright romantic. These are a few top tips that will help you have the perfect picnic date.

How to have the perfect picnic date

Decide what you are each bringing

It’s essential to know just how much of the work you’re expected to do, and vice versa. If you had the idea and you prefer doing everything yourself, that’s perfect, just make sure the other person knows that too. Or, if you feel as if it should be a joint effort, and your date is willing to give it a go, be clear about what category of food or item they should bring so you don’t accidentally bring too much of the same things.

Keep it simple

Keep your picnic sweet and simple. While it might be tempting to go all out and impress your date with some impressive cooking, the chances are you’re just going to stress yourself out or overdo it. Avoid any messy foods such as chicken wings, or anything particularly saucy. The best foods you can choose are finger foods. Make some amazingly fancy sandwiches, add in some foods you can pick at such as olives, tomatoes, nuts and so on. There is a whole variety of easy and delicious foods that are perfect for a picnic.

Be practical

If you’re trying to impress them, make sure you bring the nice cutlery, not the plastic stuff. If you don’t think they’ll be bothered, then you can make that decision. Remember some plastic bags so you can discard any waste, some glasses for your drinks, and some napkins to mop up any messes, or prevent them. Be mindful of all the things that could go wrong, and counter it by thinking one step ahead. Of course, don’t forget the perfect picnic blanket and basket, these set the scene as well as serve a practical purpose.

How to have the perfect picnic date

Find the perfect spot

Would you believe that preparing the perfect picnic is only half the job? Well, it won’t be as romantic if the view is disappointing, so you’ll have to do a bit of research to find the perfect spot. Sometimes it’s worth going ahead beforehand and taking a look for a place to go, since many excellent spots are down a country path, and you want to scout it out just so you know where you’re going.

Time it right

There’s nothing worse than a poorly timed picnic. You’ll have to plan it close to the time so that you can check the weather forecast, you don’t want to go when it’s pouring with rain, or even when it’s a rubbish and overcast day. Something else to keep in mind is the time of day you intend on going. A wonderful time of the day can be at sunset, it has a very romantic feeling to it, but then you might prefer not to risk the dark and to keep it a lunchtime date.

No matter how perfectly you plan an event, something can always go wrong, so just relax and try to enjoy yourself.