Should you live with your friends?

Moving into our own place can be a huge moment for many of us, but what about having a roommate? Rather than living with a stranger, many of us fall in love with the idea of living with our friends instead. But there’s a question: should you live with your friends?

Can you share space?

Living with someone means that all of a sudden, we need to learn what it’s like to share our space. That’s right; the living room, the kitchen, and any other communal area will partly belong to you and partly belong to your friends. This means that we’ll have to learn that we can’t leave everything around the house and we might find that others want to use a particular space for themselves. While some people want to have all the space to themselves, others can’t wait to have someone else to help decorate the house as well as someone there to make the home feel alive – even on days that we need a pick-me-up.

Do you have set rules?

One of the most important things when moving in with any roommate is to ensure there is a clear list of rules that everyone understands. This helps to make sure that no one ends up doing more chores or feeling upset while the others may not have any idea they are doing anything wrong. Moving in with your friends could mean that you want to avoid having these conversations. Sure, they might be a little awkward, but these conversations can save us a lot of upset in the long run.

Do you enjoy hanging out?

This might sound like an obvious question, but do you enjoy hanging out with your friends? And we don’t mean spending a night or two together a week, we mean spending real time together. Living together can be a real test of many relationships as all of a sudden, we find ourselves spending all of our time together. If that annoying laugh, those habits you can’t stand, or your friends’ love of singing at 6am are too much to handle while you live in two separate houses, then will you be able to overcome them when they’re your roommate?

Is there enough budget?

This can be an important part of moving out with anyone as we need to make sure there is enough budget to cover the bills and pay for everything else that we need in life rather than getting ourselves into debt. Living with our friend can seem like such a good idea when there’s nothing but parties and hanging out on the agenda. However, that can soon change at the end of the month when the bills come in, and you realize that your friend who’s still looking for work can’t pay their half of the rent. Money can be the root of many problems. Thankfully, setting the ground rules before you choose your place together and talking about your finances will help make a clear plan for the future.

Living with our friends can be an experience that is out of this world. After all, we’re suddenly surrounded by the people that make our lives better. The best bit? They don’t go away as they’re our roommates! However, asking yourself if you should live with your friends could save losing a relationship all thanks to a good idea.