The top 5 habits of friends who know how to stay in touch

Nowadays, with busy schedules, social media bombarding us, and time just escaping us, it can seem like an impossible task to stay in touch with a good friend. Luckily, it does not have to be and in this article, we will reveal exactly how this can be done with just a bit of extra effort.

Make an effort

The most important thing about staying in touch with your friend is being willing to commit to making an effort to stay in touch. This can be discussed with your friend beforehand and both of you can decide how you will approach staying in touch and how regularly you will do this. Some people like daily messages to feel included and loved, while others might be fine with a long phone call or video call once a month. Remember to also communicate what you need in order to feel like the connection is remaining intact between the two of you.

The top 5 habits of friends who know how to stay in touch

See each other whenever you can

This does not have to be for very long periods of time, but even a quick coffee every now and again will have a lot of meaning. As amazing as social media is, and admittedly it plays a large role in being able to keep in contact with a good friend, nothing beats face to face contact with a friend. Some people can see that a friend is upset via their body language before even talking to them. These social cues and things like tone of voice are sometimes very difficult to notice over social media. People also feel special and important when someone is willing to make time for them, it shows that they do in fact matter.

Text or phone each other regularly

How you approach this and how frequently you and your friend decide to text or phone each other will entirely depend on the two of you and how much social media prompts mean to you in a relationship. However, even just a quick thoughtful message might show your friend that they are at least on your mind. This can be a very comforting thing every now and then. Nowadays, voice messages are also very popular and it makes life quite easy to quickly respond to a voice message or listen to a message on your earphones while walking to work, etc.

The top 5 habits of friends who know how to stay in touch

Genuinely care

Oftentimes it does not matter how much quantity of time you spend with a friend, although this definitely does help, but the quality of the time spent together is what matters most. Make sure you are available to your friend when you phone or see each other. In other words, do not allow yourself to get distracted and spend that time with your friend to the best of your ability.

Share things about yourself

Chances are that if you are a busy person, your friend will also be. People quickly get caught up in their lives and then forget about events in other people’s lives without meaning to. Keep your friend updated on important events in your life and try to make a point of remembering their important events. With the help of a quick reminder on your phone, you can easily stay up to speed on what is happening in your friend’s life.