Young girls perform before the Queen interrupted as soldier walks in

Joining the military is a personal sacrifice that many people make but it’s often overlooked how much sacrifice the families of these people make as well. They move around the country following their family members in the armed forces and have to say goodbye too many times to count. The worst, of course, is the uncertainty of ever seeing their loved one again.

Decca records wanted to honor these families

Decca records organized a talent search that looked at the families of those in the armed forces in the UK. If children had a father or sibling serving in the UK, they were allowed to enter. At the end of the search, 60 people remained and only 11 went to the final auditions.

Young girls perform before the Queen interrupted as soldier walks in

Five young girls formed a band

Five young girls formed the band called the Poppy Girls. They all have fathers in the military. Megan’s father is a lieutenant and had been deployed for 6 months on the Indian Ocean. Bethany is father was a Lance Corporal and although she is shy, she loves singing. Charlotte has lived in eight different places during her short life as her father is a wing commander for the Royal Air Force. Alice who plays the ukulele and piano is the daughter of a Captain in the Royal Navy. Florence’s father was a lieutenant and she has been singing since she was four.

Their debut performance

The Poppy Girls performed a song for the first time during the Royal British Legion Festival of remembrance in which Queen Elizabeth II was a special guest. The performance and signing of the girls to Decca records was a way of saying thank you to all those who have sacrificed their lives for the UK. The song was created with the aim of raising 80 million pounds for the Royal British Legion. The event was on the second Sunday of November as a way to commemorate the end of World War 1. The Legion was so touched by the girls’ performance that they even wanted to donate as well.

The song

“This is a hauntingly beautiful track sung by a group of girls who know what it means to have family members constantly placed in harm’s way,” Charles Byrne, head of fundraising at the Royal British Legion said about the performance. The song Charles is praising was written for the occasion by Regina Spektor, who is a singer-songwriter from America. The song is called The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye) and has become world-famous from the chilling events after it was performed. The Queen was seen looking at the girls in awe as they performed and gave them a hefty round of applause.

Young girls perform before the Queen interrupted as soldier walks in
The festival was interrupted

The girls’ performance was coupled with a huge marching band filled with violins, drums, and other instruments. Each girl got to sing a verse in the song which was very emotional and the atmosphere was memorable. The girls all wore white as a way to commemorate the sacrifice. The most notable part of the performance was afterward, where one of the girls got to reunite with her father ahead of the scheduled time. The girl and her father ran to each other, ending in an embrace as the crowd applauded. Overall emotions were high and the event was one to remember.