The best ways to dress for an office party

Someone’s birthday, the holidays, or just a special occasion has rolled around. That can only mean one thing: an office party. Although it can be a time to let your hair down, these get-togethers can be tough to maintain that professional edge. It’s time we learned the best ways to dress for an office party that should hopefully keep us out of trouble.

Keep necklines high and hemlines low

It might sound a little old school, but keeping your office party attire safe for work is one of the best ways to avoid any accidental money shots or revealing a little more than you expected. If you want to add a little dazzle to your outfit but don’t want to be the one showing off more than expected, then why not go for a statement necklace to take your look to the next level?

Avoid sheer fabrics

Chances are, there is going to be a lot of dancing and some bright lights at your office party. That sounds like a pretty good time, but one that we need to be careful of if we want to stay out of trouble. Although sheer fabrics can look fabulous in the mirror, they can tell an entirely different story as soon as we get in the way of one of those lights. Now might not be the time to show off that hidden tattoo…

The best ways to dress for an office party

Keep things ironed

Some offices have formal dress codes. However, some have a more relaxed office uniform. If you aren’t used to wearing a shirt around your colleagues, then it might be time to remember the importance of keeping things ironed. It might not seem like a massive change to make, but an ironed shirt can make all the difference to a look.

Choose comfortable shoes

This tip goes for anyone, even if you are going out to dinner, you might be surprised at the walking in between that could cause a significant problem in shoes that begin to rub. Although those new heels might have seemed like a good idea at the time, they could be the downfall of your look as you try and boogie the night away with your manager while not revealing how much pain you’re really in. Taking them for a trial run or wearing your trusty pair of ballet pumps might be the better option instead.

Get-togethers are the time to let your hair down and make friends with your colleagues, which is why it’s so important to know the best ways to dress for an office party that mean you won’t have to spend the night worrying about your outfit.

The best ways to dress for an office party