Destinations for first time skiers

Skiing is a fun outdoor activity that seems easy at first but is quite challenging. Once you get the hang of it after learning the basic, you won’t get enough of it. You will even feel more excited once you visit some of the top destinations for first-time skiers like you. These places are breathtaking, and you will appreciate the entire experience and not only because of the ski area.

Beaver Creek

This place is an amazing choice for beginners since it has a vast green terrain located on top of the mountain. It has a high plateau offering gradual slopes which are perfect for beginners. It is even perfect for kids who are still learning to appreciate the environment. There are also some small hideouts available. Adults who are beginning to learn would also enjoy the place given the fantastic views.

Destinations for first time skiers

Park City

The vast acreage of this place is perfect for skiing. It is suitable for those who are still learning how to do simple twists and turns. It is also above the gondola on the old Canyon area of the resort and an excellent green terrain on the other side. Despite being a place for beginners in skiing, some areas are suitable for advanced skiers too.

Big Sky

Most people do not associate this place with beginners, given its complexity. The truth is that when you check out the lower mountain area, which comprises the vast bulk of Big Sky, you will realise that the place is suitable. It also offers excellent scenery of Montana. The best thing about this area is that it is not as crowded as other areas. You do not worry about getting humiliated in front of other people.  

Copper Mountain

This place is perfect for both beginners and intermediates. It is close to I-70 which makes it that is an easy place to access from Denver. The place has long descents and great fall lines. There are also many runs that let you see different green terrain. If you are yet to learn any skiing skill, you can check out the ski school available in the area.

Winter Park

The area is perfect for beginners who are ready to move their skills up to the next level. They also offer several programs depending on your skiing skills. Compared with other places in Colorado, learning how to ski in Winter Park is more affordable. Areas for advanced skiers are also available.

Destinations for first time skiers


Usually ranked as one of the best family ski resort, it is perfect for families travelling together and kids who are still learning how to ski. The terrains are mellow and easy to reach. There is also an elite ski school that offers lessons for skiers of all levels. Whether you are a newbie in skiing as an adult or not, you will feel safe with this option.

These are some of the best areas for skiing. You can check out which of them would be suitable for you, considering your skills. If you are tagging along with your friends who have skiing experience, you need to find places that are perfect for all skill levels.

You need to book your accommodation in advance along with your spot for training if you need one since, during some months, things could get a little crazy.