What your favorite coffee drink says about you

Many of us wake up and have our minds on one thing: getting to the coffee shop and ordering our favorite drink from the barista. But would you believe that your favorite coffee drink could say something about you? Yes, that morning pick-me-up might give more away about your personality than you think.

What your favorite coffee drink says about you


Steamed milk, micro-foam, and a shot of espresso. That’s right; we’re talking about a fan favorite: the latte. It’s the comforting coffee that many of us turn too when we need a little energy boost. Thankfully, latte lovers are also perky while still being that warm and safe person that many of us love.


This is often considered to be a classic when it comes to a cup of coffee. All you need is a shot of coffee. Nothing else. In fact, an espresso is the start of all other coffee drinks on the menu. This typically means that people are strong, traditional, and have solid personalities.


A macchiato is another way of saying you want an espresso with a little bit of micro-foam with a dash of steamed milk. It turns out that just like this favorite coffee drink, people can be pretty full-on, but know how to control themselves. Thankfully, it seems like most people can forgive them.


Here is another favorite among many people, the cappuccino. The coffee drink is very similar to a latte, but it comes with a little more foam that’s more… Foamy, as well as a bit of a sprinkling of chocolate to finish it off. This means people are often kind, warm, and just a little sweeter than their late friends.


A complex drink needs a complex person to drink it – and that’s just the case with the Americano. The coffee is made up from two-thirds of a cup of hot water before having an espresso gently poured over the top. It seems that only someone with an in-depth personality has what it takes to make this coffee their favorite.

Flat white

Many people are against the flat white as it’s just like a cappuccino but without the foamy fun or sprinkling of chocolate that makes the rink unique. However, it’s still been a huge hit with many around the world. Apparently, people who love a flat white tend to be unadventurous and a little dull. Perhaps we might not order this one again in a hurry…


Someone was having a great day when they realized they could combine a hot chocolate with a coffee. The whole thing is topped with steamed milk and a little micro-foam. These mochas are said to be a favorite of people who are very sweet and intelligent as well as people who love to mix things up and see where the wind takes them.

What your favorite coffee drink says about you

No caffeine

Perhaps you feel as though your body is a temple? Maybe you want to cut back on all the stimulants in your life? Whatever the case, not having any caffeine in your life means that you could be trying to hide your personality from the rest of the world.

Many of us have spent years ordering the same coffee at the same time on the same day. Whoever would have thought that your favorite coffee drink could be saying a lot about you?