How to get those beach waves at home using sea salt spray

Many hairstyles have come and gone over the years, but there seems to be one that has stood the test of time: beach waves. While they seem so simple on paper, they can often leave many of us wondering how we’ll ever achieve the look. Thankfully, sea salt spray could soon be to the rescue.

When to use it

Salt spray is excellent for achieving all kinds of styles. The final look you are aiming for will depend on when you need to use the product. Spraying it onto wet hair before blow drying with a round brush can give many of us an instant boost thanks to the added product, but might not give us the waves we are after. Coating dry hair with a mist of salt spray could be what you need to add in that extra dash of texture and definition.

How to get those beach waves at home using sea salt spray

Where to use it

Once again, the results you want from your salt spray will all depend on where you apply the product. Many versions suggest applying it to the bottom half of your hair. This is one of the best ways to get the texture you want without adding any weight to the top of your hair. All you need to do is mist it over before scrunching your hair to get a wavy look. However, lightly spraying your roots before blow-drying can help to add a little bit of lift to usually flat hair.

How much to use

How deep is a hole? This is a question that can only be answered after some trial and error as you learn how much your hair needs to feel the effects as well as learning how effective the product is. Usually, a light misting onto dry hair so it’s mildly damp is enough to get the results. Any more and you might find your hair becomes too wet to style before drying crisp thanks to the salt. The same usually goes for wet hair. However, a little more can typically be added as some will be removed during the drying process.

Avoid the crisp

One of the downfalls of sea salt spray is that long term use can sometimes be damaging to our hair – no matter how much we spend on the product. The best way to overcome the crisp feeling is to counteract it with a moisturizing product. Deep conditioners, a detangler, or a softening serum can all work wonders to help bring any dry ends back to life after several uses of the salt spray. It’s thought it’s best to avoid using the salt spray every day and use a deep conditioner once a week to prevent any dryness.

How to get those beach waves at home using sea salt spray

There is a good reason that our hair always ends up in those cascading waves whenever we head to the beach, and now it looks as though we could replicate the same look at home all thanks to the wonder of sea salt spray. Where have you been hiding all our lives?