The most lavish things ever sold at Harrods

If you know anything about London, you’ll know that this city doesn’t do things by half measures. They live by the rule that you either go hard or go home – and they never go home. Yes, this city is full of all kinds of high-end restaurants, hotels, bars, and stores, and Harrods is one of them. As one of the most famous stores in the world, Harrods isn’t exactly the kind of place that anyone can shop. It’s a place for the rich and famous, and it’s a place to spend oodles of cash on some of the strangest things.

Diamond Manicure – $51,000

Everyone needs to treat themselves every so often, and that’s one of the reasons why the rich and famous make their way to Harrods. They treat themselves with gifts and things they don’t really need, but they also treat themselves with various treatments. One service this store offers is a diamond manicure – but it will set you back $51,000. As you can probably tell by the name, this manicure involves real 10-carat diamonds, and it’s been suggested that celebs such as Katy Perry love getting these manicures. Unfortunately, we don’t think it’s really in our price range.

The most lavish things ever sold at Harrods

Ambootia Snowmist – $7,865 per kg

Harrods is known to be quintessentially British, so it should come as no surprise to learn that they have their own range of tea. This loose leaf breakfast tea is called Ambrootia Snowmist and is imported from the Far East and picked using very specific methods. As if that wasn’t enough, the leaves are also treated with the utmost care to ensure that they taste as good as possible when they are brewed. Because of this, the price tag is pretty high. In fact, this tea will set you back a whopping $7,865 per kilogram. Do you have that kind of cash?

Baldi-Harrods Crystal Bathtub – $790,000

Do you know what your house is missing? A crystal bathtub! Thankfully, Harrods is on hand to cater for all of your crystal bathtub needs, and it’s fair to say that it’s absolutely stunning. What’s amazing about this bath is that it can not only accommodate three people at a time, but it has been entirely carved from one piece of crystal found in the Amazon rainforest. While there was only one ever made, you can keep an eye out to see if Harrods decides to stock any more.

The most lavish things ever sold at Harrods

Project Mars – $165 million

Although you definitely couldn’t pick this up in Harrods and take it home with you there and then, you could enquire about Project Mars if you have a small $165 million to spare. As the most expensive thing for Harrods to ever sell, this yacht was designed and built up Fincantieri Yachts. Of course, it’s not your average yacht. With room to house 15 guests, this yacht comes complete with everything you could possibly want, including a helipad, a gym, a saloon, and even a fireplace made from onyx. Buying this would certainly be a shopping trip to remember.

Harrods is the kind of place that will sell anything with a high price tag, and there’s no doubt about the fact that these high ticket items prove that. Anyone for a multi-million dollar boat?