Photogenic tricks Meghan Markle has memorized

Meghan Markle has been in the limelight way before she became a member of the British royal family. Having had her share of walking down red carpets and posing for photographers since the early 2000s, she definitely knows a thing or two about looking good in front of the cameras. Posing for the camera can be a tricky, awkward thing for many people. However, all you need are a few photogenic tricks up your sleeve and you’ll come out just fine. For the time Markle has been a royal, it’s become quite clear that when it comes to making appearances, she’s iconic. That’s why here we’ll be looking at some of the photogenic tricks she has memorized that always has her looking well put together for the cameras.

Photogenic tricks Meghan Markle has memorized

Always smile, but keep it sincere

Markle always has a smile on for the cameras. It never looks forced, and that’s a vital part of any good photo. The secret seems to be in not making the smile too big. Just a small, natural smile is good to go with. If you try too hard, it may appear forced and fake.

Practice a stance

The perfect stance will give you all the confidence you need in front of the camera. Always know where to put your legs, your arms, how to angle your leg. Markle has it all memorized, and her poses are always great. A simple cock of the hips to one side with the other leg pointing out is one of the simple, yet photo worthy poses.

Solid color outfits

Some colors pop more on photographs than others do. Bright, solid colors are the way to go if you want your photos to grab attention. Markle has several dresses and other pieces that add just the required pop.


Relaxation is key when you’re in front of the camera. It’s only by relaxing that you will be able to act as natural and in your element as possible. If being the center of attention bothers you, you can try a few tricks such as taking deep breaths or always having something to carry in your hands. When you’re relaxed, you’ll exude all the confidence in the world and it will show.

Maintain good posture

You don’t want to be caught on camera slouching off or with your shoulders drooping. How you stand, how you position your hands, it’s all important.

Photogenic tricks Meghan Markle has memorized

Waist-cinching pieces

Body silhouette is another important aspect to every photo. Clothes that cinch the waist are especially flattering. This could either be a dress, a blouse, jumpsuit or a coat with a belt or a fitted waist.

Pay attention to your head

In most of Markle’s photos, you’ll notice that her head is usually tilted down, and to the side. Such a small detail can make a lot of difference when you’re in front of the cameras. This one is especially a very flattering angle.
When it comes to photos, you can always use all the tricks you can get. So, if you’ve been having a hard time relaxing before the cameras, try some of these tricks and you’ll be good to go.