Tips to help you get better “beauty sleep”

If you feel less like Sleeping Beauty and more like Resting Beast then you could be doing it all wrong. Thankfully, there are some tips to help you get better beauty sleep that will be sure to see you waking up refreshed in no time.

Sleep on your back

Sure, you might love to mush your face into your pillow or stretch out into the strangest of positions, but these could all have a negative impact on your skin over the years. Pressure on our face while we sleep is linked to creases which eventually form wrinkles. If your eyes start to puff in the mornings, then add an extra pillow to avoid any fluid build-up in your face.

Tips to help you get better “beauty sleep”

Use a humidifier

Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to keep our skin – and other organs – healthy. However, you’d have to be pretty talented to drink enough of the good stuff while you’re asleep. Thankfully, humidifiers can help to add the moisture to our skin that we might lose overnight. These are even more important during the winter nights when we tend to have drier skin than usual thanks to the cold weather and harsh winds.

Use moisturizer

Many of us wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without using moisturizer in the mornings, so what’s the difference when you head to bed? That’s what we thought. Night creams contain a host of nutrients that our skin can process while we sleep, and many come with anti-aging properties that help reduce the effects of time. If you want to go one step further, then a small layer of lip balm could help transform your routine.

Tips to help you get better “beauty sleep”

Use silk or satin

As if we need an excuse to upgrade our bed sheets to one of these luxury materials. The softness of silk or satin help to prevent any wrinkles or creases as it glides over our skin as we sleep. That’s not all. These pillowcases are also perfect for hair as they avoid breakages and tangles as we toss and turn throughout the night. Just be sure to change them twice a week to ensure no unwanted bacteria are going near your face.

Keep hair away

There has been a long debate about whether we should tie our hair up for bed or leave it down. The answer? It seems as though a loose ponytail could be the answer after all. The natural oil in our hair can cause breakouts when left around our face overnight, but we should be careful not to pull our locks too tight. Instead, using a silk scarf to keep it away from our skin is one of the best ways to keep both our skin and hair happy.

Who knew that we could be adding so many great additions to our beauty routine all while we sleep? We never knew that heading to bed could make such a difference to our lives! Perhaps it won’t be long until our Prince Charming arrives after all?