Tips to organize your kitchen

A lot of time of the day is spent in the kitchen than in most other areas of the house. In this case, it’s very important to make sure that the kitchen is in working order. However, keeping a kitchen orderly isn’t the easiest task to accomplish. Many are the times when you spend more time locating cooking utensils to an extent that by the time you’re getting to the cooking part you’re exhausted and irritated. Or you have so much clutter around the room cooking becomes more of a bother than an exciting task as it’s meant to be.

An unneat kitchen can really put a damper on your motivation to whip up delicious meals for you and your family. Cooking isn’t meant to be a stressful activity. You should have as much fun as possible, and to ensure this you have to make your kitchen work for you. Below find some tips on ways in which you can organize your kitchen to help you work more efficiently.

1. Remove All Clutter

Decluttering is basically the first step when it comes to getting any room organized. Things that you no longer use tend to take a lot of space that could otherwise be used on useful items. Empty all your drawers, cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen and pile your cooking supplies and ingredients together. From there, separate what you need and what you no longer need. Throw away expired ingredients and those that you no longer use. Same with those kitchen utensils that are broke, damaged or that you never really use. Only remain with stuff that you actually use.

Tips to organize your kitchen

2. Clean Up

Now that your storage spaces are empty, take that chance to do a thorough cleaning of every space in the kitchen. Get rid of any built up dust, stains, marks and bugs. It’s hard for a room to look organized if it looks dirty and smells funny. Once everything is spotless, from the ovens to the floor to the cutlery, you can now start restoring your stuff.

3. Store Methodically

Different things in the kitchen are used for different tasks. There are cleaning utensils, preparation utensils and cooking appliances. Then there are the crockery and cutlery, condiments, dry foods and perishables. For an organized kitchen, store each of these together with similar items. Keep your pans and pots with their lids together, spoons, forks and knives in the same drawer, then put your spices in similar containers and arrange them on the same shelf.b Keep the things that you use frequently within reach and those that you use once in a while further away.

Tips to organize your kitchen

4. Store Appropriately

Different kinds of foods require different types of storage conditions. Know which foods to keep in the fridge, freezer or in the pantry. This will keep food from going bad prematurely and enable you to always know where to get something when you need it. With everything in its place and within reach, you’ll be able to carry your activities in the kitchen without strain.