Wedding favors that you won’t believe cost under $1

A wedding can be a costly affair. That’s why it’s always a good decision to look for any avenues through which you can save some money. Wedding favors are one of the wedding expenses that you can spend incredibly less money on. And no, this does not mean that you’ll have to get unpleasant gifts for your guests. It’s quite possible to get superbly awesome gifts that will get your guests smiling without breaking the bank. You may not believe it, but there’s a myriad of wedding favors out there that you can get for a cost of under $1.0. If you’re wondering what those might be, look through this list:


Everyone loves desert, and sweet, colorful and cute Macarons will definitely steal your guests’ hearts. All you need to do is get them in an assortment of colors then get clear boxes to pack them in. Add a ribbon or tag and you’ll love the ambience they create on your reception tables. To save even more money, why not make them yourself?

Wedding favors that you won’t believe cost under $1

Playing Cards

Personalized playing cards are another cheap way of showing your appreciation to your guests. For this occasion, personalize them. An engraving of you and you new spouse’s names is a good way to go.

Wine Bottle Labels

You can easily get personalized wine bottle labels online. This definitely adds a more personified touch to your special day. Go an extra step and ensure that they match the décor of your wedding. This will uplift the appearance of any table.


No, we’re not talking about your good old matchboxes in your kitchen. A customized matchbox may not look as out of place on a wedding reception table as you may think at first. Imagine a cute little box in a pastel color, with your names and a sweet message engraved on them. What a better way to show that you two are a match made in heaven, and that you intend to keep the fire burning.

Bottle Opener

You’re going to have a lot of bottles needing opening at your wedding, so why not sophisticate your bottle openers? Choose your favorite colors, an exciting design and a short message labeled on them.

Sandalwood Fan

When the dance floor gets too hot, your guests will appreciate having a fan nearby. This is an especially good choice of wedding favors for a wedding taking place during the hotter months.

Wedding favors that you won’t believe cost under $1


Don’t think you can get away with just any bottle of water. You’ve probably already caught the drift that personalization is the way to go with all your wedding favors. The same applies to the water. Once again, all you’ll need to do is get labels with your names and a sweet message. The water will look more appetizing that way!


After all that dining and drinking, your guests may want to freshen their breaths a bit. Help them along by giving mint, in special customized boxes.

Mason jars, key openers, seeds and even spices are just some of the many other favors that you can give. You have a lot to choose from, all for under a dollar.