7 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pet

If you are a pet owner, celebrating the holidays means making plans that involve your pet, too. If you’ve become the proud owner of a pet for the very first time and are wondering how to go about the holidays, here are 7 ways to celebrate the holidays with your pet:

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Snap that Family Groufie

Wish your family and friends Happy Holidays with your entire family posing for that annual holiday picture, and ensure your pet has a rightful spot in the frame too. Color coordinating your outfits or wearing matching clothes gives an impression of a close-knit, solid family unit, so dress up your pet as well in holiday colors. You can put a Christmas bow or head accessory on your pet, so it matches your family theme. Just make sure to click those pictures quickly because pets can be as fussy as little kids when it comes to posing for the camera.

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Light Up their Homes

Christmas decorations can make every home festive and ready for the holidays. Your pet’s home is part of your home, so take the time and effort to include their living and sleeping area in your decorating plans.

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Don’t Forget the Treats

Now, what’s a celebration without special treats and goodies? Everybody loves good food and the holidays are the perfect time to indulge in some treats! Spoil your pets this time of the year. If you have dogs or cats, give them some safe holiday-themed goodies like:

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Gingerbread dog treats

Peppermint candy cane chew treats

Jerky treats

Doggie cookies

Puree canned pumpkin

Commercial treats are readily available. If you prefer homemade, then there are so many recipes available online that you can try.


Play Dress Up

Although this may be more enjoyable and exciting for you than for your pets, dress them up for the season. It might just be for those photo ops or during Christmas Eve, but pets in costumes are absolutely adorable. While they may not be able to understand what’s happening, they’ll pick up on your palpable excitement.

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It’s also the best way to spread some holiday cheer with your pet. There’s something about a pug dressed in a Santa outfit or a cat in a snowman costume that will make anyone go “Awww!”


Give them Holiday Gifts

Your pets may not be able to open their gifts themselves, but like everyone else, they’re entitled to gifts from you too. It can be a new toy, a collar, a new house accessory, or even edible treats.

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Do an Act of Holiday Kindness

If you have a dog that loves meeting and being around people, then spread some holiday cheer by visiting a hospital, a foster home, or an assisted living facility together. Make new friends by visiting the elderly, the orphans, and the sick. Holiday times are the best time to give back to society.


Give to Other Animals

Support animal advocacy. You can donate essentials to your local animal rescue center or create a fundraising activity for medicines, food, beds, and toys for the animals in the shelter.

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More than these 7 ways to celebrate the holidays with your pet, make an effort and spend more time with them. Pets crave your love and attention above all else.
Give them that assurance that during the holidays and all year round, they have a place in your home and your heart.