The 8 Essential Grooming Tools Every Pet Owner Must Have

Regular grooming helps to keep your pet clean and maintain their overall health. Taking care of your dog also gives you an opportunity to bond with them. You can make your pet grooming session very enjoyable and effective by using essential pet grooming tools that most professionals and pet owners use. Listed below are some of the most important dog grooming tools that you should possess:

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1. A dog brush

Dog brushes are inexpensive but they are an important dog grooming tool that you must have for your pet. When choosing a dog brush, look for one that will not scratch your pet’s skin or damage their coat when you use it. There are different types of brushes that are available in the market and you need to choose the right one depending on your dog’s breed.

The 8 Essential Grooming Tools Every Pet Owner Must Have

For instance, if your dog has a coat with long hair, you will need a brush that has metal teeth that are bent at the ends.

When you use this type of brush, it reaches down to your dog’s undercoat, past all the guard hair, and removes all of the dead hair. But if your dog has a smooth coat, like in the cases of Pugs or Dalmatians, you will need to use a rubber curry brush. While brushing your dog’s coat, always use it from the skin and brush outwards to the tip.

2. A comb

A good comb is as important as a brush especially if your dog has a long coat. After you brush your dog’s coat, always use a comb to brush it out. A comb will remove all tangles since it will be able to spot matted areas and parts where the hair is clumped. You can also opt for a flea comb if your dog has ticks or fleas.

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3. Dog shampoo

Dog shampoo is an absolute must-have in your dog grooming kit. Dog shampoo has a specific pH, which is designed to clean a dog’s hair without irritating their skin. It is a good idea to always choose a mild shampoo, unless your vet suggests a particular brand.

The 8 Essential Grooming Tools Every Pet Owner Must Have

A tip is to mix a little dog shampoo with water in a bowl and dip a sponge or a towel in it and then wash your dog. This will allow the shampoo to spread evenly and easily all over your dog’s body.

4. Conditioner

A mild dog conditioner will rejuvenate and replace all the natural oils that your dog possesses and that have just been removed by the shampoo. Conditioners help smooth the cuticles at the hair shafts and your dog’s coat will be left silky and shiny. Always use a conditioner directly after shampooing and make sure that you rinse it completely before drying his or her coat.

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5. Drying accessories

After you give your dog a bath, you should use mitts or microfiber towels to help dry them completely. Always remember not to rub your dog’s coat as this could cause tangles. Instead, pat and squeeze your dog’s coat to absorb all the excess water.


You could also use a blow dryer that is meant for dogs. Dog blow dryers are a commonly used pet grooming tool and are completely safe to use. When used correctly, they give your pet a complete, groomed look. One of the health benefits of using a dryer is that it helps in preventing acute moist dermatitis, more commonly known as “hot spots.” Dog dryers can either be high-velocity or low-velocity. A high-velocity dog blow dryer blows cold air but at high speed in order to get the water off your dog’s coat; whereas a low-velocity blow dryer blows warm air but at a low speed.

6. Dog coat spray

Using a coat spray on your dog will leave their coat shiny and smooth. Dog coat sprays contain moisturizers and serums that help rejuvenate the skin and rehydrate the fur. It also helps to prevent common skin problems like itchiness, dryness, and irritation. After you use a coat spray on your dog, it will leave a fresh and clean smell. It also helps in brushing and combing their coat better.

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7. Scissors

If your dog needs a hair trim, you can easily do it with dog grooming scissors. However, make sure that your dog is comfortable when you are using scissors and before you proceed, brush out their coat to get rid of all the tangles. There are different types of dog grooming scissors available in the market.


The most common type used is straight scissors. You can also opt for curved scissors to cut around the top of your dog’s head. If your dog has a heavy coat you can use thinning scissors to thin it out. Other scissors available are blender scissors and chunkers. If you want to keep things simple, you can just invest in a good pair of straight-blade dog grooming scissors and a pair of thinning scissors.

8. Nail clippers

It is important to trim your dog’s nails every once in a while. Most dog owners trim their pet’s nails every three to four weeks. Waiting longer than this could raise issues like ingrown nails and other health concerns.

The 8 Essential Grooming Tools Every Pet Owner Must Have

However, while trimming your dog’s nails you should be very careful. It is best to use pliers-type trimmers because these are designed in a way that allows you to comfortably hold them and gives your dog’s nails a neat and clean finish. In case you accidentally trim too close and bleeding occurs, it is a good idea to have styptic powder at hand. Using styptic powder on the nail and pressing down will stop the bleeding at once.


Investing in a dog grooming kit and making sure your pet is fresh and groomed will keep them healthy and prevent ticks, fleas, and other health issues associated with dogs. Try to establish a weekly or bi-weekly grooming routine session for your furry friend. Offer your pet some treats to reinforce positive behavior during the grooming session and make it a pleasurable experience for them.