How to enjoy a day alone

Getting a day to yourself in the middle of work, school, home, friends, family and social responsibilities sounds like a fantasy that will never come true. But since we all have weekends, holidays and leaves when we’re not expected anywhere, giving yourself some alone time becomes a matter of personal decision. When you find yourself with a weekend in hand, for once don’t think about catching up with friends or family. Instead, consider catching up with yourself. If you were wondering where in your busy life will you get a day alone, there you have it.

When you’re used to always being surrounded by other people and doing things in pairs or groups, you might find the idea of spending a day alone boring. However, there are many ways in which you can spend time alone and still enjoy yourself. You might even find yourself having more fun alone. Here are some of the ways you can push those hours alone and still love it.

How to enjoy a day alone

1. Cook for yourself.

There isn’t a better chance to get into the kitchen and whip out whatever meal is on your mind than when you’re at home alone with no one to please but yourself. You can even try out a new recipe without worrying that it’s going to turn out badly and you’ll have an hungry family glaring at you all evening. You have all the time to make mistakes and correct them until you finally get the best result. After that, sitting down to a delicious meal courtsey of yourself and not your usual take out will even grow your confidence.

2. Take yourself out.

Yes, who said there has to be someone by your side for you to explore the town? Put on your favorite outfit and head out for a day or night of fun. Buy tickets to a movie you’ve been wanting to see. Alone, you can ‘ooh and aah’ without worrying about what your date or company thinks about your reactions. Don’t be afraid to venture into your favorite restaurant too and get yourself your favorite meal. You’ll be able to savor the food without distraction. Don’t feel intimidated by the fact the you’re having dinner alone. That’s your chance to reflect, let your thoughts wander and create all sorts of theories about every couple or groups who walk in through the day because people watching is also a fun pastime.

3. Read a book.

There couldn’t be a better time to take out the novel that you’ve been meaning to read for weeks now. Get comfortable, keep your snacks in hand and travel to another world. If you don’t have a book to read at home, pop into the neighborhood library or bookstore and search for your next read.

4. Watch all the TV you can.

Catch up with your TV shows. An entire day is more than enough to complete a season or two of your favorite series. Interact with the characters and events without inhibition. After all, there’s no one to give you the side eye when you cry, scream or laugh like a crazy person.

How to enjoy a day alone

5. Explore the outdoors.

After a long time confined in the house and work places, this is your opportunity to reconnect with nature. You don’t have to break the bank and go to the nearest mountain ranges…you totally can, though. A simple unhurried walk around the park, a lake or a bike ride through a scenic route will serve this purpose.

Whatever you decide to do on your day alone, don’t sit around moaning that you’re bored and have nothing to do because as seen above, you have lots of things to do.