Wardrobe staples for every season

Like most of us, you are probably familiar with the tedious art of alternating your wardrobe every season. As the temperatures start to rise or drop, we start digging out our seasonal clothes from their vacuum sealed graves at the top of the closet, unpacking what we need to survive the next few months and packing away the items we don’t need. But there is a way to eliminate this hassle by investing in a few transitional wardrobe staples. One that contains timeless items that can be worn during every season. Here are a few staple items to add to your transitional wardrobe, if you don’t already own them…

The midi dress

The midi dress has finally made a comeback and is not leaving the runway any time soon. These wonderfully versatile dresses come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and lengths; ranging from between the knee and ankle. In the warmer months, a midi dress works best with sneakers, heels, sandals, or pumps. In the cooler months, you can pair this dress with tights and ankle boots or knee-high boots to keep you extra cozy. To add a unique flair and a touch of warmth, you can wear a black turtleneck underneath the dress and a blazer or wool blend trench coat on colder days.

Wardrobe staples for every season

The midi A-line skirt

The flattering cut of a midi A-line skirt is what makes it more versatile than other types of cuts on the market. This skirt’s figure-enhancing superpowers make it the perfect choice for when you want to be comfortable and casual or chic and glamorous. In the warmer months, the A-line skirt can be paired with a tight crisp white top or graphic tee and sneakers; or dressed up with a slinky camisole or crop top and heels for a more sophisticated look. In the cooler months pair it with combat boots, a bodysuit, or turtle neck and an oversized leather jacket for an edgier look. For a more polished winter look, pair the skirt with tights, ankle booties, a tucked-in knitted sweater or blouse, and a trench coat to keep you warm and looking good when temperatures drop.

Paper Bag linen shorts

Your favorite pair of linen shorts do not have to be buried in the vacuum-sealed grave once temperatures start to drop. With a bit of creativity and layering, they can be the perfect winter companion too. Paper bag linen shorts are great with a pair of sandals and a white tee or blouse in the summer. In the cooler months pair these versatile shorts with opaque tights or leggings, and you have the perfect winter outfit. Fine-tune this look with ankle or knee-high boots, a fitted long sleeve shirt, and a full-length cardigan.

Denim jacket

Denim is a timeless fabric that is suitable for every month of the year. There are thousands of cuts, washes, and colors to choose from that can be paired with almost any outfit. In the summer months, the denim jacket is warm enough to keep the evening breeze away and light enough to protect you from the harmful rays in the day without overheating. In the winter, it can be worn over your favorite sweater or cardigan for that casual chic look.

Wardrobe staples for every season

Blanket scarf

We could write an entire article on the many ways a blanket scarf can be worn – as a skirt, top, head wrap, or belted under a coat. The options are endless. In the warmer months, it is the perfect accessory for evening events when things get cooler. And in the colder months, a blanket scarf can be wrapped around your neck or draped over the shoulders to serve as an eye-catching yet functional accessory.

These versatile items will see you through both the winter and summer months without much effort. With a little creativity, some clever layering, and your own stylish twist, you can make any item in your closet work no matter the season! Goodbye vacuum seal bags!