Best places to see shooting stars\meteorite shower

A meteor shower is like nature’s own fireworks display for the whole world to see. It’s a spectacular sight and everyone should experience a meteor shower at least once in their lifetime. But where in the world can you witness such an astrological event? Here’s a list of the best places to view a shooting star shower.

Texas – Big Bend National Park

This location is ideal for viewing meteor showers because light pollution is practically zero. You can look up into the night sky and see billions of stars. A meteor shower called Perseids which occurs every year between August 12th to 13th can be clearly seen from here. This particular meteor shower is an annual event that stargazers and astronomers love to see. It’s named from Perseus, which is the constellation from which the meteors seem to originate.

Best places to see shooting starsmeteorite shower

England – Kielder Forest

If you’re visiting Europe this is the best place to experience a meteor shower because there is plenty of open space and there are no city lights anywhere in sight. You can also see the Perseid meteor from here as well as the Draconids meteor shower. The Draconids shower can be seen on August eighth which is just a few days before Perseid. So be sure to plan your trip around those dates to witness a spectacular display of shooting stars lighting up the sky.

Arizona – Tucson

Tucson is surrounded by mountains that help block out the city lights. For this reason, it is the ideal place to view a meteor shower. There is plenty of open skies, that’s dark and clear so you can see most meteor showers from here. But there’s one that’s especially bright in this region and that’s the Orionids shower. This shower occurs when the Earth passes through a stream of debris and dust left behind by Comet Halley and creates a breathtaking pattern of flashing lights in the sky.

Nevada – Death Valley National Park

This is also the perfect place to view these astronomical beauties because of the clear, dark, open skies. Another name for this park is National Dark Park because of the veil of darkness that is the sky at night time here. One particular shower called the Quadrantids produces anything between 50 and 100 shooting stars at a time. That makes it an extraordinary sight to see. Lay a blanket on the grass, lay down, and enjoy the amazing view.

Best places to see shooting starsmeteorite shower

Hong Kong – Unesco Global Geopark

There are 12 main sites within this Geopark that are perfect for viewing meteor showers. Sai Kung High Island Reservoir is particularly popular for seeing the Perseids shower. The Hong Kong Space Museum’s Astro Park at Chong Hing Water Sports Centre within the reservoir has an amazing stargazing area. Other than that, there are perfect spots by the east and west dams as well as in the Long Ke Wan Campsite in Sai Kung East Country Park.

Some meteor showers occur at specific times of the year but others only appear every one hundred years or so. To see them more clearly, be sure to go somewhere where there is minimal light pollution. The less light there is, the darker the sky, and the clearer you can see them radiate in the night sky. Once you’ve made it to one of these places around the world, all that’s left to do is grab a blanket, maybe some hot cocoa, and enjoy the spectacular sight.