Ultralight travel: How to pack light every time

Are you known for having a heavy hand when it comes to packing your bag? Do you often get those nervous flutters as you walk up to the bag drop-off at the airport? Well, this article will provide you with those long-awaited tips that you need to keep your bag ultralight every time! This does not mean you have to give up any of your comforts, but it will help you to become a smart packer.

1. The bag

Your actual suitcase could be a problem by making your luggage weigh much more than necessary. If you are unsure, weigh your empty bag on a scale or even use a luggage scale. Some bags come with extra protection and are more hardcore but this also means they weigh much more. Try to perhaps find a balance between extra padding and a bag that is still lightweight. No point in starting off with a heavy bag and already shooting yourself in the foot.

Ultralight travel: How to pack light every time

2. Clothing

Oftentimes, we overestimate the amount of clothing that we are going to need for a trip, especially if it is a short trip. Start by laying out all of the clothing on your bed and then be critical about what you actually select to put in your bag. Jeans, for instance, can often be worn more than once or you can even give them a quick wash. This will allow you to perhaps only pack 3 pairs of pants instead of the usual 5. Try packing clothing materials that are lightweight. A cotton shirt is a better option than something with a lot of leather or studs which weighs more. Aim to only pack for the number of days that you are going away for. Chances are that you will not change outfits twice a day so do not pack unnecessary clothing, no matter how tempting.

3. Shoes

Shoes can be a little tricky as they are often very heavy. Select one main pair of shoes that you are mostly going to wear while traveling, perhaps some proper walking shoes that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Then have your casual pair of shoes and something a little more fancy for a night out. You will find that these 3 pairs of shoes will cover your basic needs. You do not need to pack your fluffy unicorn slippers as most hotels do give their customers slippers during their stay, so rather just stick to the basics.

Ultralight travel: How to pack light every time

4. Toiletries

There are many smaller versions of your favorite products available nowadays that are specifically meant for people who are planning to travel abroad, so definitely get some of those if you can. You can also buy travel containers from plastic stores and fill these bottles with your own products like shampoo or face cream. Do you have a face mask that you have not used in two years lying around somewhere? Well, chances are that you are not going to use it on this trip either, so leave it behind. Stick to those toiletries that you use every day without fail, you will end up using only them most likely anyway.

5. Weighing

Weigh your bag at home on a normal scale or a luggage scale if you own one. It will set your mind at ease or alert you to the fact that you probably packed too much. Just remember the less you pack now means that you can bring more stuff back from your trip!