The mysterious healing powers of music

Music has been used as a form of entertainment for as long as we can remember. World-renowned philosopher, Plato has even described music as a ‘moral law.’ He also goes on to say that music can influence your mind and soul as well as bring happiness to life and everything in it. But did you know that music has healing powers too?

The mysterious healing powers of music

Music used to treat mental illness

Mental illness is a very real issue in today’s society and some people have no access to treatment. Meditation, art, and yoga have been known to be used as a means of therapy. Music, however, can possibly be the best alternative treatment because it’s so readily available to people of all walks of life. Research shows that music can not only contribute to healing physical ailments but emotional suffering as well. Research done on schizophrenic patients showed that music therapy improved their symptoms and helped them with social integration. Music therapy has been known to help people battling anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It isn’t just the melody of a song that has healing powers, but the lyrics of some songs can also have a therapeutic effect on listeners. Listening to feel-good songs with motivational and positive lyrics can create an empathetic response in people and hence result in positive thinking and proactive behavior.

Music can heal your physical body

Music is so beneficial to your body in so many levels that hospitals are even using music as therapy to help lower patient’s blood pressure, ease pain, and therefore help speed up their healing process. In some hospitals, music is used for the recovery of verbal memory on stroke patients. Part of their therapy is to listen to music for a minimum of 30 minutes a day and the positive effects have been astonishing. In other hospitals, classical music is played for premature babies for two hours and that helped lower their heart rate and they were able to sleep better. A study in Australia showed how terminally ill patients experienced less pain, reduced anxiety, and drowsiness from medication after undergoing music therapy. Music is even known to help with pain management for women during childbirth and labor.

The mysterious healing powers of music

Music heals the soul

When someone is feeling sad or is going through heart-ache, they turn to music. Whether they listen to upbeat songs to get them thinking positive thoughts or they listen to sad songs that make them cry, music soothes the pain. Music has the power to transcend space and time and it can transport us to a place in our lives where we experienced either joy or sadness. It has the power to stir up memories from the past. A song’s melody and lyrics can touch your soul and liven up your mood like nothing else can when listening to music you enjoy. Not only is music wonderful to listen to, but it’s also great to dance to, which also has amazing results for your state of mind as endorphins are released.

Music can unite people of different backgrounds, it can inspire, it can motivate, it can make you cry, and it can make you shout of joy. The power of music is endless in healing not only your physical body but your soul as well. Whether you play an instrument or like to listen to your favorite songs, let the healing power of music take over!